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Our standalone schools and in-district classrooms deliver special education and alternative education programs for students with a broad range of academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs. SESI operates a network of more than 95 private day schools and over 90 in-district classrooms for students whose needs are best served outside of a traditional school.

SESI partners with more than 600 school districts across the country. Click on your state to view the schools and classrooms closest to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

SESI currently operates more than 95 special education and alternative education day schools throughout the country. We also partner with over 35 districts to run more than 100 In-District Classrooms and we’re constantly growing.

SESI supports special education and alternative education students who have academic, behavioral, social, and emotional challenges, as well as students with autism spectrum disorders and learning, emotional, and other disabilities.

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