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Serving students, districts and families in Missouri

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Our Schools & Classrooms Across the State

Our Schools

Accepting students from school districts at our standalone schools across the state.

In-District Classrooms

Serving students in their home school, through partnership with their district.

Owen’s Success

Owen’s parents knew there was a better quality of life waiting for him, and they found it at High Road School.

Hear about Owen’s success and happiness at High Road School of Wright City.

Andrew’s Journey

Andrew’s accomplishing his goals to work towards his full potential through encouragement, structure, support and believing in himself.

Hear about Andrew’s success and progress at High Road School of Wright City.

A Peek Inside Our Schools & Classrooms

Student Spotlight: Justen

We are so proud of our student of the month for July! Please see Ms. Z’s announcement here.

Read more about Justen

An Individualized Approach

At our schools and classrooms across the state, our certified teachers and staff provide individualized academic and behavioral interventions for students who have not found success in the traditional classroom due to a variety of intensive special needs, behavioral issues, or coexisting disabilities. Our students come to us with a variety of special education classifications, including, but not limited to:

Emotional Disability

Other Disabilities

Service Models and Solutions

We serve students from schools districts and charter schools across the state both in our schools or in a separate district run facility. Regardless of location, the proprietary methodology we implement in all locations fulfills all student IEP requirements, creates customized academic and behavior modification plans, provides vocational and transitional services, and delivers related services.

Our Schools

Partnering with public and charter schools across the state to provide our high-caliber special education programs and fulfill individualized student placement need in our own standalone schools.

In-District Classrooms

Developed in partnership with a school, district or charter and delivered within their building or school, we serve students within their home districts, reducing the need for our-of-district placement.

Transition Planning for Life Beyond School

Transition Services are an important component of our program. We recognize the need to equip our high school students with skills they will require to reach their post-graduation goals. We understand that some students do not know what career they would like to pursue. Here at High Road, we try to help them find suitable paths and pique their interests by exposing them to as many fields, industries, and opportunities that we can. Students complete a variety of career interest inventories and profile sheets, go on community field trips to local area businesses, and research all sorts of professions.