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Dedicated Classrooms for Students with Intensive Needs

Our In-District Classroom model is a partnership in which your district provides the space and SESI provides the staff and programming. When you partner with SESI, your district is able to expand its continuum for students in special education or alternative education, within their home district.

The In-District Classroom partnership is a win-win for both districts and students. For schools, it’s a cost-effective alternative to private placement, while students receive the personal attention and instruction they need —and the opportunity to interact with their peers as they transition back to their general education classroom.

A small, highly structured therapeutic learning environment, our In-District Classrooms make a difference in the lives of students with intensive behavioral, social-emotional, and academic needs.

“I have a student now who’s come back to my classroom, who is a model student. He pays attention in class and does all of his work. Now, he’s one of the positive role models and he contributes to the class more than anyone.”

English Teacher, Brandywine Public Schools (Delaware)

Partnering for Student Success

Our partnership is simple: you provide the space, and SESI creates an in-district classroom to help students with behavior or social-emotional needs achieve success. When you partner with SESI, your district can expect:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Contain or reduce transportation, private tuition, and other costs; funding may cover operation of the dedicated classroom.
  • Personal attention and instruction: Our certified staff work with small class sizes in a highly structured learning environment that is conducive to individualized instruction and positive behavioral interventions and supports.
  • Peer interaction: Our model promotes student interaction with their general education peers, leading to smoother transitions back into the regular classroom.

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Emotional Disability
Other Disabilities

Transitional Programs
Accelerated Instructional Programs
Early Education Intervention Programs

The Benefits of an In-District Classroom Partnership

It is critical for schools to have a plan that addresses significant behavioral and social-emotional needs.

Our In-District Classroom solution, which benefits both students and districts, focuses on intensive needs related to behavior and social-emotional learning. The solution is simple: you provide the classroom space, and we provide the staff and programming.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Private Placement
Providing school districts with a long-term solution while reducing tuition and transportation to private day school and/or tuition for residential placement

Bringing Students Back to General Education
A structured system for students to transition back from private day schools and appropriately integrate with general education peers

A Personalized Setting for Each Student, Within their Home District
Individualized instruction and positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS), delivered in a small, highly structured therapeutic learning environment

The Student Goal of Continued Interaction with Peers
Planned and paced transitions into general education leads to more opportunities for engagement in school and extracurricular activities

In-District Success Stories

SESI’s goal in establishing dedicated classrooms in your district is simple: student success. By partnering with SESI to create an In-District Classroom, our expectation is that your schools and students will have success stories to share. Those stories may come from district savings – enabling cost allocation to other areas of need – or they could be students learning and applying positive behaviors so they can transition back to their general education classrooms fully engaged in their academics.

Hear from district partners, teachers and parents in the videos below – and see for yourself the victories that occur in dedicated classrooms for students with behavioral and social-emotional learning challenges.

Colorado In-District Classrooms

Successfully Improving Behaviors and Returning Students to the Classrooms

A Father Son Relationship

A Personalized Approach for Nari

Your Students Could Be the Next Success Story

An In-District Classroom partnership with SESI is a roadmap to success for your students and families as well as your schools and educators. Learn why we have partnered with districts across the country to create more than 90 In-District Classrooms.