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Making An Impact On Students and Families

It was all downhill before High Road School. Cameron has been in eight or nine different schools. The year before starting High Road School, he only went to school for 26 out of 180 days. He’s happy to go to school now. He comes home smiling. He wants to participate in activities for the first time in his life. Last year, he played on the school’s basketball team.

I trust my child is safe at High Road School. They are better at focusing on the children. They follow Cameron’s IEP and his aggression has lessened. He’s learned hands-on job skills he can put on his resume. Last year, he did a job share, stocking the shelves at PetCo. We’re attending college fairs!

Brenda, Cameron's mother

Our Schools & Classrooms Across the State

Our Schools

Accepting students from school districts at our standalone schools across the state.

In-District Classrooms

Serving students in their home school, through partnership with their district.

A Peek Inside Our Schools & Classrooms

Student Spotlight: Manny

Manny has been able to stay true to himself since he stepped foot into our school. He gets along with everyone no matter what grade or age. Manny works really hard inside of the classroom to stay focused on his academics. He has no problem being a leader to some of his younger peers. Manny really has a great spirit and seems to really enjoy being at school each day.

Read more about Manny here

An Individualized Approach

At our schools and classrooms across the state, our certified teachers and staff provide individualized academic and behavioral interventions for students who have not found success in the traditional classroom due to a variety of intensive special needs, behavioral issues, or coexisting disabilities. Our students come to us with a variety of special education classifications, including, but not limited to:

Emotional Disability

Other Disabilities

Service Models and Solutions

We serve students from schools districts and charter schools across the state both in our schools or in a separate district run facility. Regardless of location, the proprietary methodology we implement in all locations fulfills all student IEP requirements, creates customized academic and behavior modification plans, provides vocational and transitional services, and delivers related services.

Our Schools

Partnering with public and charter schools across the state to provide our high-caliber special education programs and fulfill individualized student placement need in our own standalone schools.

In-District Classrooms

Developed in partnership with a school, district or charter and delivered within their building or school, we serve students within their home districts, reducing the need for our-of-district placement.

Teacher Spotlight: Melissa

Melissa Dirzius, Special Education Teacher & Art Teacher at B.E.S.T. Academy. began volunteering with special needs students in High School. After considering several other fields she continued her education, finding that the combination of the creativity of programming and assessing our students, along with the personal time spent educating each one individually, allowed her to see their little victories were exactly what she wanted to do .

Melissa discusses the impact our students have on her every day and what it means to see their success at school and hear about their success at home from our families.

Transition Planning for Life Beyond School

All of our schools offer a comprehensive transition program for students in grades 9–12 and age-out students. These students participate in an active and exploratory curriculum that combines classes required for graduation with vocational experiences and a work readiness program that provide instruction and support in developing the basic skills needed to succeed in today’s workplace.

Each student’s transition program is individualized per that student’s specific talents, interests, skill levels, and needs, and may include such targeted areas of instruction and coaching as professional hygiene, job interviewing skills, taking on-the-job directives, and appropriately responding to both common and unexpected scenarios.