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For over 30 years, schools like yours have entrusted us with their special education programs, knowing that we not only share their values but are fully invested in ensuring that students can thrive and achieve their fullest potential.

Partnership Benefits

With a commitment to fostering growth in both non-profit and for-profit educational settings, our partnership can pave the way for substantial growth and development, tailored to your school’s unique journey.

Preserve Your Legacy

We seek programs with a proven track record in their communities and aligned educational components. We aim to complement our mission while preserving your program's core.

Return on Investment

You’ve put it all into building your school – not just money but blood, sweat, and tears. We can help you earn a favorable financial return on that investment.

Enhanced Support

SESI can reduce administrative challenges, allowing your leaders to focus on their passion: improving student outcomes with the support of our substantial resources.

Career Pathways

Investing in employee growth and career advancement is a top priority. Our nationwide presence allows us to explore internal avenues for advancement and we have a team to support you with recruitment and retention.

Flexible Transitions

Whether you're ready to retire or seeking additional school resources, SESI recognizes that every educational leader has unique goals. We are committed to providing the customized solutions that are right for you.

Peace of Mind

Partner with us to nurture and expand your legacy. With 30 years of experience, 90 day-schools, 700+ school district partnerships, and a nationwide student reach, we're only getting started.

Interested in exploring a partnership?

Even if you’re not quite ready to sell, we’re here to offer valuable insights and guide you through the next steps.

Contact: Mark Shelson, VP of Mergers & Acquisitions

Interested in exploring a partnership?

Even if you’re not quite ready to sell, we’re here to offer valuable insights and guide you through the next steps.

Contact: Mark Shelson
VP, Mergers & Acquisitions

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 320.237.5343

What sets SESI apart?

Comprehensive expertise
SESI offers tailored support and services for students with specialized learning needs, backed by our experienced team.

Track record of success
SESI has a proven history of delivering high-quality educational solutions that positively impact students and communities.

Holistic approach
SESI addresses the social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of student development, providing comprehensive programs.

Collaborative community
Join our network of like-minded schools for knowledge sharing, best practices, and professional development opportunities.

Enhanced resources
Gain access to improved resources, financial stability, administrative support, and technological advancements.

Let’s connect and get to know each other better

Ready to explore a potential partnership? Contact us today to learn more about how SESI can support your school’s growth and development. Together, we can create a brighter future for your students and community.

Our Family of Schools

Private Day Schools: Special Education
Providing small, highly-structured therapeutic learning environments designed to meet the needs of students with intensive academic, behavioral, and language needs.

Serving K-12 students with:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Emotional Disturbances
  • Intellectual Disabilities 
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Other Health Impairments
  • The most challenging at-risk behaviors

Private Day Schools

With SESI’s backing, we will continue our tradition of excellence in supporting students. The passion SESI has for empowering learners and supporting students is evident. NHA is proud to be part of the SESI team.”

Brandy Larrance, Executive Director, NewHope Academy

“We’re particularly excited because, as part of SESI, Lattice will not only continue operating as a CDE approved non-public school partner, but it will also have new resources at its disposal to continue growing and serving more families.”

Nancy Alcott, Executive Director, Lattice Educational Services

“Our team approaches growth with students one small step at a time and we are confident that our integration with FullBloom will enable us to amplify our reach and impact at a time where student mental health and resilience supports are so critically needed.”

Katie Dorn, CEO, EmpowerU

Frequently Asked Questions

The acquisition will not result in any service disruptions for your current district partners and families. Throughout this process, we collaborate closely with you to formulate a comprehensive communication plan, ensuring a seamless transition.

By joining forces through the acquisition, you’ll gain access to resources that are designed to enhance your day-to-day operations in a positive way. We’ll help reduce administrative tasks, allowing your leaders and staff to focus on what truly matters—improving student outcomes. You can also count on our comprehensive support in areas such as hiring and retention, financial services, as well as advanced systems and technology for tracking student key performance indicators. Our goal is to be your partner in success, helping you create an educational environment that’s both effective and fulfilling.

Our primary goal is to retain your valued staff members. To facilitate this, our dedicated HR/Operations team will take the lead in communicating with your employees and addressing any inquiries they may have. We’ll work hand in hand to ensure a seamless transition for all employees. We’re dedicated to supporting your staff throughout this process, valuing their expertise and contributions as we move forward together.

We will provide you with preliminary data requests to assess valuation, transaction structure, and the shared opportunity for both parties. Depending on the circumstances, we may request a site visit to further the conversation and ensure philosophical alignment.

Yes, even if you’re not planning to sell right now, we can provide valuable insights and advice. Our initial conversation is an opportunity for us to get to know you, your business, and your goals.

We’d love to have an initial discussion. Feel free to reach out to Mark Shelson, our Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions

Contact Details: Email: [email protected] | Phone: 320.237.5343

We’re looking to build lasting partnerships dedicated to preserving your legacy. Let’s connect and explore the next steps.