SESI's Teacher and Staff of the Year Program

Honoring our most outstanding teachers and staff

Adrian's Story:

How SESI's High Road Schools Unlock Student Potential

Tips for Maintaining Structure in the Home

Father and son reading

Jacob's Story:

How High Road School Helped One Mom "Get Her Son Back"

Derek's Story:

See Sierra Schools' Transition Skills Program at Work

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Love to Help Children Succeed? Work with SESI!

SESI’s Teacher and Staff of the Year Program

Honoring our most outstanding teachers and staff

Tips for Maintaining Structure in the Home

Jacob's Story:

How High Road School Helped One Mom “Get Her Son Back”

Patrick's Story:

How High Road School Was "Nothing Short of a Miracle to His Family"

Derek's Story:

See Sierra Schools' Transitional Skills Program at Work

Christopher's Story:

Learn How Sierra School Became His "Home Away from Home"

We're Hiring!

Love to Help Children Succeed? Work with SESI!

The SESI Approach

We exist to make student success happen. Our trusted partnerships with school districts, intensive support of students, and engagement with families enable improved academics, application of positive behaviors, and seamless transition in using life skills beyond the classroom. We serve students with a broad range of academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning needs, providing the support, education, and tools they need to achieve success and enjoy rewarding futures.


  • Find the structure, support, and personal attention they need
  • Become engaged with school, the goals of transition or graduation


  • Employ cost-effective solutions with safe, structured learning environments either in your own district building or in our standalone schools
  • Experience a major reduction in disruptive classroom behavior


  • Witness transformation in the child’s behavior, academics, and social skills
  • Experience consistent progress-related communication with teachers and staff

Programs Created Just for You and Your Students

To address students’ intensive needs, we offer special education and alternative education programs that can be delivered through our growing network of more than 95 private day schools and over 90 in-district classrooms across the country.

What We Do

Where We Do It

Ensuring every student can achieve success

SESI comprehensively and expertly educates students with significant behavioral and learning issues across all aspects of their academic and social-emotional development. In doing so, we witness students perform at their highest levels and realize productive, fulfilling futures.

Re-engaging students in their education

Students who struggle to engage in school are often dealing with trauma, insecurity, learning impairments, poverty, or other hardships. SESI supports districts with vulnerable or disconnected students by providing additional academic, behavioral, and therapeutic support, enabling students to fully engage and achieve success in both academics and life.

An environment in which students with all types of needs can thrive

Each of our standalone schools – over 95 across the country – provides innovative, evidence-based, and individualized supports to special education and alternative education students. Our schools ensure that students with unique academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs have a safe place to learn and grow outside a traditional school.

A partnership serving students with intensive needs in their home districts

Our In-District Classrooms (IDCs) provide small, highly structured therapeutic learning environments – in a separate classroom within a district building – for students with intensive academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs. Through IDCs, we partner with districts to provide a continuum of services in their schools and offer students the personalized attention they require to succeed.

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Our Success Stories

Our students achieve victories daily. From learning communication, coping skills, and positive behaviors to improved academics and career path preparation, each student has a success story.

Derek’s Story

Angel’s Story

To celebrate student success, special education and alternative education schools and classrooms recognize a student each month for achievements in the classroom or community.

Hear from families in our featured stories – and see how the victories their children experience in school translate to victories at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

SESI is a premier provider of special and alternative education services for K-12 students who require additional educational and behavioral supports to overcome challenges that impede success in a traditional school setting.

SESI supports special education and alternative education students who have academic, behavioral, social, and emotional challenges, as well as students with autism spectrum disorders and learning, emotional, and other disabilities.

SESI doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to special education. Each student’s learning and language needs are accurately identified using our multi-tiered hierarchy of assessment. Our specialized education programs are highlighted by small class sizes, high staff-to-student ratios, individualized instruction, personal attention, and dedicated teachers, therapists, and support staff committed to each student’s success.

There are a few ways. 1) Districts may refer students to an existing SESI school, 2) Districts may provide space within one of their schools for a customized in-district classroom, or 3) Districts can always reach out to discuss solutions by visiting or emailing us at [email protected]

SESI currently operates more than 95 special education and alternative education day schools throughout the country. We also partner with over 35 districts to run more than 100 In-District Classrooms and we’re constantly growing.

Yes, all SESI schools are accredited by Cognia.

We partner with school districts across the country to provide children with an education that goes beyond academics and enables them to gain meaningful and transferable skills for a lifetime. Additionally, our professional development and coaching programs are designed to support educators in implementing effective, evidence-based practices to promote achievement.

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