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Supporting Classroom Behavior Part 3 (Differentiation)

Social behaviors, like academics, require intentional teaching and feedback for students to build fluency and achieve mastery. It is important to have a comprehensive, proactive system to support students’ behavior in the classroom. Without clear expectations, people feel confused, anxious, or unsure how to proceed, all of which can lead to challenging behaviors. When educators – whether in special education, alternative education, or general education – are clear and consistent with behavioral expectations, it increases the chances that students will meet them. SESI hosted a webinar on Supporting Classroom Behavior – Part 2 (Application). The second in a three-part series, [...]

Supporting Classroom Behavior Part 3 (Differentiation)2022-01-14T10:15:56-05:00

Student of the Month – December

Christian is the student of the month for December. He has been doing an amazing job in all areas! He is considerate to all other students and staff, accountable by being at school every day, always safe on campus and in the classroom, and he enjoys school, which means he is engaged in any project he is given. Great job, Christian! Learn more about our school today.

Student of the Month – December2021-12-28T14:25:27-05:00

Raiden’s Story: A 180-Degree Turn

Prior to attending one of the High Road Schools operated by Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI), Raiden experienced many difficulties in school. Along with academic issues, Raiden was dealing with unrelenting bullying that affected his emotional well-being and behavior. “Daily life was a struggle,” said Raiden’s mom, Rachel, recalling Raiden’s morning temper tantrums and afternoon meltdowns about his day. Rachel hoped for any positive change or development when she enrolled Raiden at High Road School of Southern York. What she witnessed far exceeded her expectations. “Where do I even start?” Rachel said. “[High Road School’s] intervention has been an amazing change [...]

Raiden’s Story: A 180-Degree Turn2021-12-28T11:26:20-05:00

Cultural Fair!

On Friday December 17th, we had our annual Cultural Fair. Each classroom represented a country, they spoke about different traditions, foods, and the people. There were even food samples for the students to taste. Learn more about our school today.

Cultural Fair!2022-01-05T14:44:00-05:00

Liston Has Shown Great Improvement

Liston has been with Sierra Lower School of Sacramento for nearly 2 years and we are proud to say today (12/17/21) will be his last. Over the past 2 years, Liston has shown great improvements in his social, coping, and overall behavior management skills. Due to Liston's hard work, he will be returning to his home school and back into general education classes. We will miss him, but wish him nothing but future success. Learn more about our school today.

Liston Has Shown Great Improvement2022-01-05T14:38:16-05:00

Season’s Greetings!

As we say goodbye to our students for winter break, we wanted to make sure they did not leave empty handed and received a little holiday treat from us. Learn more about our school today.

Season’s Greetings!2022-01-05T11:55:21-05:00

Cookie Decorating!

On Thursday, December 9th we did a school wide ugly sweater cookie decorating event. Some students dressed up and really got into the holiday spirit! Learn more about our school today.

Cookie Decorating!2022-01-05T14:51:59-05:00

Five Strategies for Establishing Behavioral Expectations

This post by Diane Myers, Ph.D. was originally published in District Administration in October 2021. When circumstances change rapidly, people often find solace in what’s familiar. Like adults, students are more productive and comfortable in predictable environments. All educators can help create a more predictable environment by establishing specific, positively stated behavioral expectations that communicate how to be successful across all routines students encounter during the school day. Let’s look at five key strategies for establishing behavioral expectations: Select Behavioral Expectations. Begin by choosing three to five broad expectations (e.g., “Be Safe,” “Be Responsible,” “Be Respectful,” or “Careful,” “Accountable,” “Kind,” “Engaged”). [...]

Five Strategies for Establishing Behavioral Expectations2021-12-09T15:22:53-05:00