Name: Lauren

Grade/Age/Teacher: 12th gr/17 years old

Accomplishment: Successfully managing Coffee Cart

Lauren has really hit her stride in her final year at Sierra School of Peoria. This is her third consecutive year as the manager of the campus coffee cart, and she has truly made it her own. Lauren has been recruiting, interviewing, and training new hires; but her true passion is creating monthly specialty items for the menu. This past month, she modified store-bought brownies as a fun back-to-school treat and created a new slushy recipe through plenty of trial and error, which she graciously shared with her taste-testing classmates. The Sierra School of Peoria family is proud of Lauren’s hard work and all of the growth she has shown.

Watermelon/Grape Slushy
2 tsp lime juice
1 ½ C watermelon juice
¾ C grape juice
1 C ice
Blend on setting 1

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