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Founded in behavioral science, SESI’s CASE (Considerate, Accountable, Safe, Engaged) Approach uses a multi-tiered, positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS)* framework to increase socially appropriate behaviors for all students in our standalone schools and in-district classrooms, regardless of their behavioral needs.  We define what it means to be considerate, accountable, safe, and engaged across all settings, and use these expectations to guide all aspects of behavioral support.

Our multi-tiered, PBIS approach provides differentiated supports for students based on specific areas and intensity of need as indicated by data. Students receive customized behavioral support as needed. We also emphasize social-emotional learning (SEL) to develop and enhance students’ self-management, self-awareness, and self-regulatory skills.

Teaching and Reinforcing

Clearly define and teach behavioral expectations so students can understand them in all activities and settings they experience throughout the day.

Provide frequent and specific feedback to students using practices like our daily earned points, which provides quantitative and qualitative data to students (and their families).

Reinforce appropriate behaviors with an earned reward and level system in which points earned can be used to access privileges and incentives.

Modeling and Leading with CASE

SESI staff are highly trained and provide students with evidence-based support and interventions to meet all their social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Approaching social behavior with an instructional mindset, we teach, model, and reinforce expected behaviors – and provide students with the support they need to be successful. Our “keys to the CASE” are:

*Center on PBIS (2021). Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports www.pbis.org

“CASE has given staff the tools to build a better rapport with students and focus on the positives, while students have felt empowered to make good choices and generalize skills across settings that will help them transition back to public school and beyond.”

Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director, New England

“What a positive impact this PBIS program has with our students! Our staff have seen the difference it makes when we use the CASE language and positive reinforcement with our students.”

Marc DiPasquale and Brittany Croteau, Associate Directors, Cecil County, Maryland

“Now that we have students back in the building, it’s been great to see CASE in action. The students are really excited to be recognized for their positive behaviors, and it’s satisfying to see the staff have the tools to have consistently positive interactions with the kids.”

Greg Lee, Executive Director, Northern California

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