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Behavior Support to Engage All Learners: Defining and Reinforcing Expectations Webinar

An Individualized Approach to Education

For over forty years, Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI) has provided education programming for students who require additional educational and positive behavioral supports to overcome challenges that impede success in a traditional school setting. We believe that all children deserve an education that goes beyond academics and enables them to grow into responsible, self-sufficient adults.

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Defining Success, One Student At A Time

Success means something different for each student in our schools and classrooms. From learning to communicate and understanding how to cope with their behaviors to improved academics and preparing for a potential career path, we know that success can come through the smallest of victories.

Sierra School at Main Street (Colorado)

Finding The Right Fit For Walter

When Walter, a teenager with autism, first started at Sierra School, he was only able to say a few words. He was struggling in his previous schools and his behaviors were impacting not just his education, but his family’s life. Hear from Walter’s father about their decision to enroll him at Sierra School and the impact it has had on their family. Also, hear from Walter, who will tell you all about his favorite part of school.

High Road Program of Philadelphia

A Personalized Goal For Nari

Early on, Nari started exhibiting developmental issues. Jane, her mother, wondered if these delays were due to the instability and emotional challenges Nari had faced and was hopeful that she’d grow out of it. However, as time passed, it became evident that Nari had a learning disability. When she was additionally diagnosed with ADHD and a defiance disorder, Jane felt alone, fearful and confused as to what the future held for Nari. Hear from Jane on her search for the right program for Nari and why she feels that the High Road Program truly understands her goals for her daughter.

Serving Students In Their Home Districts & Schools

Our In-District Classrooms serve students in classrooms within a school or other district building utilizing our flexible individualized models. By creating these opportunities in school districts, we are able to provide a continuum of services to students in their local community while still offering them the personalized attention they require to succeed.

When I met the team, I could tell it was an instant match because their philosophy and beliefs really aligned with our district. It was instantly the right fit, based on how they approached families, how they approach students, the positive can-do attitude, and thinking beyond that allows them to fully provide supports for our students.

Melissa Cooper, Director of Special Education and Student Support Services, Littleton Public Schools (Colorado)

Spotlight On Our Students

Every month, our schools across the country recognize the success of our students both in and out of the classroom. From improved academics to improved behaviors, no victory is too small to be recognized.

Angel’s Story

Before coming to Sierra Academy, Angel’s behavior was erratic, destructive and oftentimes violent, putting himself and those around him at risk. After being removed from nearly 10 programs, no one would accept Angel, so his struggles and shortcomings were, unfortunately, not being addressed effectively. The faculty and staff at Sierra School knew that earning Angel’s trust, fostering positive social interactions and getting him involved in academic activities that resonated with him would ensure his focus and attention and reduced disruptive outbursts.

Hear more about Angel’s story from Sierra School’s director, Angel’s teacher, and his mother.


Our Dedicated Teachers And Staff

Every day, our certified teachers and staff personalize their approach to our students. From special education teachers to Board Certified Behavior Analysts and occupational therapists to our transition coordinators, learn more about the impact our staff have on our students.

Our Staff Misses Students During Virtual Learning!

The High Road School of Anne Arundel County’s staff made a video to express how much they miss seeing their students in-person during this time of virtual learning!