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Special Education and Alternative Education Programs

To meet the wide range of our students’ special academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning needs, we offer special education and alternative education programs that can be delivered through our network of more than 95 private day schools and over 90 in-district classrooms across the country.

Our special education programs include therapeutic/private day schools and in-district classrooms.

Our alternative education programs consist of Accelerated Instructional Programs, Transitional Programs, and Early Elementary Intervention Programs.

Young boy smiling in classroom

Special Education

SESI comprehensively and expertly educates students with significant behavioral and learning issues across all aspects of their academic and social-emotional development. In doing so, we witness students perform at their highest levels and realize productive, fulfilling futures.

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Emotional Disability
Other Disabilities

Young boy smiling in classroom

Alternative Education

Students who struggle to engage in school are often dealing with trauma, insecurity, learning impairments, poverty, or other hardships. SESI supports districts with vulnerable or disconnected students by providing additional academic, behavioral, and therapeutic support, enabling students to fully engage and achieve success in both academics and life.

Accelerated Instructional Programs
Transitional Programs
Early Elementary Intervention Programs

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