High Road School at St. Joseph

The High Road School at St. Joseph partners with the St. Joseph School District to support students with intensive needs. The academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of each student are met through high student-to-staff ratio, individualization and small-group teaching approaches and a comprehensive behavior management system. Our staff works in unison with the district to ensure that our students receive the maximum benefits from both district resources and those of our programs.

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We serve students in grades K-12. Our classroom is a highly structured, therapeutic environment with a classroom-based behavior management level system to assess student needs and map out the best way to benefit them. Our staff provides a positive and welcoming environment to meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of each student.

Our Students

Students are referred by their school district to attend High Road School and are generally in grades K–12 (aged 5 to 21). They face disabilities in a variety of areas, including Autism, Development Disability Intellectual Disability, Emotional Disability, Speech Language Impairment, Other Health Impairments, and more.

Our Staff

We are proud to employ certified special education teachers as well as staff trained in crisis intervention, speech/language therapy, and occupational therapy.

Broad-Based Educational Services & Therapies (B.E.S.T.) Program

B.E.S.T. Model of Specialist Instruction: Students receive specialized direct instruction in prosocial skills, sensory regulation, communication, and language development.

  •  Functions of student behaviors and behavioral goals can be determined by student assessments such as Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs).
  • Academic and functional living targets are identified through research-based assessment tools, such as Promoting Emerging Advanced Knowledge (PEAK) or Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP).
  • 4-Step Plans provide additional layers of instructional assessment and guidance to effectively address each student’s academic needs or skill gaps
  • The High Road team works in close collaboration with each student’s home school/district to ensure a more seamless reintegration into or out of classrooms across the continuum.

Academic Rotation Program 

Our Academic Rotation program focuses on utilizing academic supports, social and emotional learning, and positive behavioral interventions to assist students in learning, generalizing, and maintaining positive social, emotional, and behavioral skills across multiple learning environments. Students receive specialized direct instruction in pro-social skills so they can learn to effectively identify and self-regulate their behavior in their least restrictive environment. Target skills may include, but are not limited to, being considerate, appropriate, safe, and engaged (CASE). Students learn and practice mindfulness techniques, self-regulation strategies, thought stopping/thought changing strategies, and motivational techniques that will allow them to gain more self-control and improve problem-solving skills.