River Academy

River Academy is an alternative education environment serving students in grades 7–11. Created in partnership with Mastery Charter School, the program’s goal is to provide students with a successful academic experience while they work on improving their social and behavioral issues. Utilizing the RAS point system, (Respect property, Act responsibly and Show self-control), students successfully earn points daily following the River Academy’s classroom and building norms. Our high expectations help promote positive peer behavior.

Academic subjects are taught by state-certified teachers. Additional scaffolded activities provide children with experiences that have classroom and real-world applications. The staff at River Academy provide a safe, organized, and structured learning environment where all students have the opportunity to grow academically and behaviorally.

Through a student leadership program of ownership, accountability, and incentives the development of pro-social behaviors allows for an increase in academic learning and engagement for all students. River Academy provides students with the skills and intangibles to succeed as young scholars and productive citizens.

River Academy is built on the foundation of our Pro-Social Peer Culture. The pillars of this culture include Guided Group Interaction (GGI) on a daily basis—regular meetings of students with their advisors to discuss issues that surface each day either in the home or in the school community—and an established system of student government, by which our student body actively participates in and contributes to our school’s environment, daily operations, and guiding principles.

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