Sierra School of Aurora

Sierra School of Aurora is a partnership with Aurora Public Schools. We measure success in a variety of ways, including successful transition back to a general education setting, progress on IEP goals, academic achievement as measured by formal assessments, and most importantly, student reports of learning to love school again.

  • (P) 303.326.4181
    Site Operating Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm
    Student Hours: 8:45am – 3:00pm
    Parents to call the office phone and leave a message to report absences/tardies/early releases by 9:00am
  • 2500 South Granby Way Aurora, CO 80014
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Our Students

Students are referred by their school district to attend Sierra School and are generally in grades K–12 (aged 5 to 21). They face disabilities in a variety of areas, including autism, serious emotional disability, specific learning disability, multiple disabilities, intellectual disabilities, other health impairments, and traumatic brain injury

Our Staff

We are proud to employ special education teachers and a school social worker, all of which are licensed through the Colorado Department of Education. Aurora Public Schools provides related services such as Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. All Sierra School staff are trained in Handle With Care for crisis intervention.

At Sierra School, we believe that education isn’t about memorizing facts or taking tests — it’s about teaching children how to learn so they can carry this skill and enthusiasm with them throughout their lives to produce positive outcomes and fulfilling futures. Our child-centered approach thus focuses on fostering emotional growth; increasing academic, language, and behavioral competencies; and enhancing each student’s natural strengths. Our prime objective for all students is to help shape them into independent young adults who can productively interact in a variety of mainstream social settings and situations. We accomplish this by providing individualized programming to teach to each child’s skill set and adapt to each child’s learning style. The Sierra School of Aurora’s partnership with Aurora Public Schools provides an effective alternative for their students to explore their full potential and achieve their full capabilities.
By focusing on key areas — academics, behavior modifications, support services, and transition / life planning services — we are able to meet the individual needs of all students through these varied approaches to instruction. Through collaboration with a student’s IEP team, we are able to choose the most appropriate learning model based on a given student’s present levels of performance, social capabilities, motor coordination, and ability to learn in a group setting.

Utilizing four specific instructional rotations, students are assessed academically, gain self-regulation skills, learn with district-aligned academic curriculums, and utilize integrated technology.


Mackenzie Ent
Sierra School at Aurora
2022-2023 Campus Winner

Jennifer Patterson
Sierra School at Aurora
2022-2023 Campus Winner