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Seashore Leadership Academy is an engaging and rigorous program serving middle school and high school students in Atlantic City and surrounding Atlantic County who need a structured and focused school environment to help improve their behavioral, social, and academic aptitude. The program excels at engaging students in their education by helping them overcome the often-significant trauma in their lives that result in behavioral, social, emotional, and academic challenges. We believe every student has the desire to succeed – in school and in life – and it is our mission to provide them with the opportunity and support to do so.

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  • Atlantic City, NJ.
  • (P) 609.300.7424
  • School District Served: Atlantic City Public Schools
  • School Hours: 7:45AM-2:45PM
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Seashore Leadership Academy offers an inclusive behavioral, educational, and therapeutic program for students who experience significant behavioral or emotional difficulties in the classroom and who need additional support, as well as students who have a variety of exceptional needs.

Seashore Leadership Academy serves students who may have experienced one or more of the following or has an Individualized Education Program (IEP):

  • Chronic absenteeism and truancy
  • At risk of dropping out
  • Basic skills deficiencies
  • Behavioral infractions
  • Low esteem, frustration, and negative self-concept
  • Not matriculating on time or at all
  • Aging out of high school before graduating
  • Other district-identified needs

Each student at Seashore Leadership Academy deserves to have their individual needs, challenges, and strengths understood while receiving care, support, and counseling to address the often-broad and significant challenges they grapple with outside of school. These meaningful relationships are developed in our classrooms through supportive, therapeutic learning environments where students can develop the skills and strategies they need to achieve academic success.
Through evidence-based, trauma-informed care as well as positive supports and clinical interventions, our students are empowered to achieve positive outcomes and lasting behavioral change. These therapies are seamlessly integrated into students’ daily lesson plans and the learning process.

Our transitional program affords students the opportunity to excel academically and graduate from their home high school ready for college or a career. This program minimizes academic disruption for students to close existing learning gaps, keep students on track for promotion or graduation, and help them develop new skills to reverse previous behaviors so they’re prepared to return to their home high school campus.

Students in our special education program received individualized attention and curriculum that is based on each student’s cognitive ability, learning style, and interest. Serving a range of behavioral or emotional disabilities, our program offers supportive classroom environments and a positive peer culture model for students with both externalizing and internalizing behaviors and conflicts. Through this program, students are well positioned to make progress on their individual goals and objectives as stated in their IEPs.


Mercedes McKinnon
Seashore Leadership Academy
2023-2024 Campus Winner

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