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Our Classrooms in Caroline County

Predicated on strong collaboration and communication between school district and our staff, our district programs are designed to provide support and services for students to increase both their scholastic and their social functioning. The students are served in highly structured, therapeutic classroom settings inside public schools. The academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of each student are met through such means as a low staff-to-student ratio, individualized and small-group teaching approaches, counseling services, and a comprehensive behavior management system. Our staff works in unison with district special education and general education teachers to ensure that our students receive the maximum benefit from both district resources and those of our program.

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303 Sharp Road
Denton, Maryland 21629
(P) 410.479.1660
(F) 410.479.4220

410 Lockerman Street
Denton MD 21269
(P) 410-479-2760

10855 Central Avenue
Ridgely, MD 21660
(P) 410-479-0100
(F) 410-479-1308

10855 Central Avenue
Ridgely, MD 21660
(P) 410-479-0100
(F) 410-479-1308

Program Overview:  We serve students with Emotional Disabilities for grades K to 5. Our classroom is a highly structured therapeutic environment with a classroom based behavior management level system. Since our program is housed within an elementary school, we are privileged to have easy access to many county resources such as Speech/Language services, OT services, and Art, Music, and PE on site. Being inside an elementary school also gives us the added benefit of having our students easily transition into their general education classrooms as they progress behaviorally and academically. High Road staff and Caroline County staff work in collaboration to provide a positive and welcoming environment to meet the behavioral and academic needs of each student..

Every March, High Road School teams with Rec & Parks in Caroline County to support the Denton 5K Race. Many High Road staff members (and their families) show their support for this race by running and/or working the water stand for the runners. This is an event that many look forward to each year.

Meet The Team

Our Staff: The High Road School classroom at Denton Elementary has an experienced certified Special Education teacher as well as two veteran teaching assistants. Each staff member is trained in crisis intervention. Staff recertifies in TACT2 training each year. As well as qualified teaching staff, the High Road School program has a Social Worker as part of their team. For students requiring Speech/Language Therapy or Occupational Therapy, services are provided through our partnership with Caroline County.

Program Overview: At Lockerman Middle School, High Road School serves children with emotional disabilities combined with other learning disabilities. This is accomplished through modifying and accommodating work to tailor it to their specific needs within a classroom catered to providing them with the support they need dealing with overcoming emotional conflicts through the use of developing and utilizing coping strategies. The overall goal of our classroom is to have our students display an ever-improving high quality of work while participating in ongoing activities to improve coping skills, interpersonal communication and problem solving strategies.

Our program is unique in providing a therapeutic environment with a structured behavior management system and a high teacher to student ratio, while still allowing students to experience and integrate themselves into the general education settings.

Meet The Team

Our Staff: Certified special education teachers, staff trained in TACT-2 protocol, company social worker and county therapist and psychiatrist

Program Overview: The High Road room at North Caroline High School has a diverse population of students from the surrounding area. All of our students are working to learn appropriate coping skills and behaviors while working toward their High School Diploma. The overall goal of our classroom is for our students to learn needed skills to cope with daily stressors and transition back into general education classes and mainstream school life in order to have the best high school experience possible.

Meet The Team

Our Staff: A certified Special Education teacher, 4 instructional assistants, and a High Road School social worker in room or on call for crisis. All High Road staff members are TACT2 trained annually. There is also county staff available for support.

Program Overview: The Caroline Innovative Pathways (CIP) is an IAEP (Interim Alternative Education Placement) program for students in Caroline County with behavioral issues who require additional supports in order to be successful. Teachers and related service providers in this program mirror a student’s home school by administering the same educational and social-emotional interventions, but they do so in a more therapeutic and highly structured environment.

At CIP, the behavioral/counseling component is the primary focus and is based on an individual and school-wide behavior management system with built-in incentives and rewards for positive behavior. By offering a small classroom environment with a high teacher-to-student ratio, this program allows students the ability to quickly transition back to their home school. Future progress and success are ensured through a transitional track once the students return to the public school setting.

Meet The Team

Our Staff: Certified Special Education teachers and Counseling by a licensed Social Worker are provided by High Road School. Speech and Occupational Therapy are provided by CCCPS.

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