The North Caroline High Team have the hybrid learning mastered! Staff and students are navigating the way through helping students who are learning at home and students who are able to safely be in the building. Mrs. Shontia and Dazzavaion are working hard together on some assignments to wrap up the end of the quarter. Isaiah and Ms. Z are working on a biology assignment. The lesson includes an interactive game on Jamboard, which allows them both to move items around together. Lessons like this keep learning engaging for students who are still working from home.

In an effort to boost engagement and complete assignments the staff created an incentive for the students. Increasing the conversation about credits and grades has been a huge focus at NCHS this month. Encouraging our students to learn and apply the appropriate behaviors to chase the grade they want. More behavior-modifying systems will be put into place to assist our students in a new approach to earning credits!

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