Jill is an amazing teacher under any circumstances, but she has really shined under pressure this September. The recent changes in the learning environment have been a big adjustment for our students. After six months out of school, Denton Elementary was one of the first elementary schools in the state to welcome students back for in-person learning on September 8th. Jill is managing a classroom with half of her students learning remotely from home and the other half in the building (not to mention juggling three grade levels). Walking into the classroom on any given day, you would never guess how many late nights and how much planning has gone into making the classroom run smoothly. Jill has designed structured routines to give students a sense of normalcy and familiarity in our new “normal”.

The team has had some major behavioral challenges to face and have done so with a united front, creativity, and amazing empathy.

“It is my pleasure to recognize Jill as an amazing teacher, team leader, and one of our most resilient staff members on the Maryland Eastern Shore.” – Rebecca Enders, Program Director

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