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Predicated on strong collaboration and communication between school district and our staff, our district programs are designed to provide support and services for students to increase both their scholastic and their social functioning. The students are served in highly structured, therapeutic classroom settings inside public schools. The academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of each student are met through such means as a low staff-to-student ratio, individualized and small-group teaching approaches, counseling services, and a comprehensive behavior management system. Our staff works in unison with district special education and general education teachers to ensure that our students receive the maximum benefit from both district resources and those of our program.

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Cambridge MD 21613
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Our Program: High Road Classroom at Choptank Elementary school serves elementary school aged students is Dorchester county. We provide a therapeutic classroom environment with small class size, low staff to student ratio, individualized instruction as well as group and individual counseling sessions.

We use behavior contracts, developed for individual students by our Social Worker to target specific behaviors and offer rewards for reaching goals. Because of our small class size and low staff to student ratio, our students get individualized attention that is tailored to their specific needs. We are able to accommodate student preferences and offer incentives to promote positive behavior.

Meet The Team

Our Staff: Certified special education teachers

Our Program: High Road School at North Dorchester Middle meets the social and emotional needs of our students while ensuring their educational requirements are being met. We pride ourselves on getting to know the students and have seen great results from the relationships established. Our classroom culture fosters and promotes student growth through instilling values of discipline, honesty and hope in our students.

Meet The Team

Our Staff: Our classrooms are staffed with certified special teachers and in-class social workers. Through our low student teacher ratios, our students are taught coping skills and are encouraged to utilize self timeouts during moments of frustration.

Our Program: High Road School at Cambridge-South Dorchester High School serves students with emotional disabilities ranging from 9th to 12th grade. Our program is a safe and therapeutic environment that utilizes a behavioral management level system, where all staff is trained in crisis intervention. Within the classroom there is a structured environment with individualized and small group lessons catered to the students need. Students have the ability to transition into general education classroom opportunities as well as partake in the integration of social settings within the high school. The teacher assists general education teachers in modifying instructions to fit students individualized needs and serve as a link between family and school services. The team attends and actively participates in IEP preparation and meetings.

Meet The Team

Our Staff: Certified special education teachers (trained in crisis intervention) and a school social worker

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High Road School at Dorchester County
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