Jill Fitzpatrick, a lead special education teacher at High Road School in Caroline County (303 Sharp Road, Denton), was recently named a regional winner in Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI) Teacher of the Year Program.

“Teaching is my profession, but moreover it is my calling. There are always setbacks and frustrations, but overcoming them is part of the enjoyment of teaching. I have the philosophy that there are no hopeless cases. The more challenging the behavioral and academic hurdles, the higher the rewards when that students succeed,” says Fitzpatrick.

Teacher of the Year honors outstanding, innovative educators who lead by example with an unmatched level of dedication to supporting all students. The annual recognition program celebrates teachers who exemplify high-quality, evidence-based instruction at SESI while recognizing the importance of equitable education for all SESI students.

High Road School in Caroline County serves students in their home district school. The students are served in highly structured, therapeutic classroom settings inside public schools. The academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of each student are met through such means as a low staff-to-student ratio, individualized and small-group teaching approaches, counseling services, and a comprehensive behavior management system.