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High Road School of York

High Road School of York opened its doors in 2019. Our fully certified staff teaches with programs designed to manage behaviors that impede academics, and to develop transferable life skills – driving better outcomes and providing tools students need to be successful beyond the classroom. With the ability to serve students in our Alternative Education Program and students in our Academic Program, High Road School of York is committed to creating brighter futures for our students, regardless of the learning barriers or other challenges they may face.

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    York, PA 17402

In our Alternative Education Program, students experience a combination of direct academic instruction, behavior modification, and peer accountability with the goal of return back to their home school – on track to earn a high school diploma. In this program, students in grades 6–12 are encouraged to redirect each other and create a positive learning environment. High Road School recognizes the impact of peer pressure among students and promotes a culture focused on students giving one another feedback to address peer and school behavioral expectations.

Focused on serving the needs of our special education students, our Academic Program, accredited by Cognia, focuses on students whose challenges cannot be adequately addressed in the traditional classroom. Students in grades 1–12 are referred by their school districts to our highly structured environments. More than a behavior program, our special education models combine academics, behavior modification, support services, and transition and life planning services utilizing a rotational system of learning. Each student is matched to a program that meets their individual needs based on their IEP and is focused on the student’s language level, social capabilities, and ability to learn in a group setting.

Safe, RespEctful, and RespoNsible (SEN)

Daily Zones SEN Log

In our elementary program (grades 1 to 5), we utilize the SEN daily zones for our students. Within the classroom teachers and staff incorporates the Zones of Regulation to assist students in practicing self regulation and coping strategies. Students are given the opportunity to acknowledge their zone and earn points within a specific block of time. At the end of each block of time students have opportunities to make choices and earn incentives that correspond to the appropriate zones.

Middle School SEN Log

In our middle school program, teachers and staff utilize a similar SEN system, with slightly different daily point sheet. This corresponds to program norms and processes. In an attempt to individualize this system we have also added students Individual Education Program (IEP) behavior goals on the SEN log. This way when teachers and staff redirect the students or they earn points it directly correlates to their progress monitoring.

Student Spotlight

Belinda Strouse
High Road School of York
2022-2023 Campus Winner

Collin Kelly
High Road School of York
2022-2023 Campus Winner