Henry County School of Scholars

The Henry County School of Scholars specializes in providing behavioral, academic, and social-emotional learning (SEL) assistance to students (grades K-8) in a safe, supportive environment, with an emphasis on parent involvement, small class sizes, and individualized support.

  • 330 Tomlinson Street
    McDonough, GA 30253
  • Phone: 470-754-6229

  • School Served: Henry County Schools
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The primary goal of this program is to help elementary and middle school students correct their academic trajectory early in their education when they begin to express behavioral difficulties in the classroom or show a need for enhanced social-emotional learning and coaching. At Henry County School of Scholars, we aim to achieve that goal within a supportive environment in which children are comfortable learning and growing, both academically and behaviorally.

Our certified teachers, special education staff, and therapists ensure students receive the highest quality of care in the least restrictive environment. Henry County School of Scholars is tailored to each student’s needs and designed to help our students excel academically, physically, functionally, socially, and emotionally. This learning environment is designed to:

  • Minimize triggers
  • Teach and model positive behaviors
  • Foster academic growth
  • Reinforce therapeutic support

Through Henry County School of Scholars, students improve their attendance and promotion rates, reduce behavioral incident rates, and demonstrate grade-level growth in both reading and math.

Highlights of Henry County School of Scholars include:

  • High staff-to-student ratio
  • Daily therapeutic and counseling services
  • Encouragement for students to become active partners in their growth
  • Positive behavior reinforcement and social-emotional learning
  • Social skills groups
  • Daily gym classes
  • Referrals for community counseling services
  • Life skills development