Mentally Healthy Winter Season

Winter can be a dreary time, and time off of school can be a difficult transition. As we all know, being in a pandemic and continuously handling the stressors from the pandemic only adds to our usual winter blues. Right now, more than ever, our mental health is extremely important! Below are some ways to keep your mental space happy and healthy during winter break, and the winter months! 1) Go for a walk or spend sometime outside. 2) Engage in a mindfulness or meditation exercise. 3) Allow yourself to do things you enjoy. 4) Try to follow a routine, [...]

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Ms. Dee Sparks Joy

Ms. Darienne Martin-Baker, lovingly referred to as “Ms. Dee” by staff and students, sparks joy. As a High School Assistant Teacher, she’s an all-time favorite for VTO’s, frequently full of infectious energy, and honestly great hugs. She’s a bit like a school mascot here at Sierra School at Barrett in a uniform of overalls and Birkenstocks. When we asked students, “What makes Ms.Dee great?” Most said she’s welcoming, friendly, and patient. Sierra School at Barrett staff shares similar sentiments. Tommy our program coordinator for the middle and high school says, “She’s the bright spot of all my days. I’m so [...]

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Misael’s Determination

Misael, a sixth-grader at Sierra School at Barrett, is very close to reaching his goal of going on a school field trip to indoor skydive. Misael is adept at understanding the nature of our program and the expectations asked of him, and he’s committed himself to success. According to all three of his teachers, he’s transformed since the first day they met him. Throughout this year, Mr.R says, “He’s earned himself up to level blue from level red.” Mr.G says, “Misael knows exactly how many behavior points and work points he needs to earn. He’ll say, okay I’m on green [...]

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We Are Incredibly Proud of Norris

Norris has worked hard to reach his goal of graduation this semester by making great choices in the classroom. His teacher Ms.Gray says, “He’s grown in understanding how to use his coping skills and has also become more social.” Norris has been an example to the rest of our elementary students through his enthusiastic commitment to graduating from Sierra School at Barrett. Norris has made an impression on our Sierra School at Barrett team. Ms.Gray says, “Norris is very independent. He’s a talented artist. And he has a huge imagination.” Our principal Ms.Harris says, “Norris is very intelligent and has [...]

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Flavina’s Commitment to Success

Sierra School at Barrett teachers and staff are excited to name Flavina as November Student of the Month. Teachers Ms.Tegel and Ms. D are incredibly proud of the academic effort and social growth Flavina has shown in a few short months. Flavina has demonstrated a deep commitment to her personal success since August by attaining Blue Level! “She has consistently improved. We’ve seen her grow into a leader in our classroom,” says lead teacher Ms.Tegel. “Flavina has grown so much academically and socially. I would say I’m most proud of the self-respect Flavina has developed, she really [...]

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What Would Sierra Do Without Ms. B?

Theresa Blazon is our Administrative Assistant at Sierra School at Barrett. Ms.B plays an important role in making sure Sierra School at Barrett functions successfully on a daily basis. Our Director Ms. Harris says, “She is a vital team member in assisting me to keep our campus operating smoothly in many capacities from student attendance to budgets to food services. Theresa always has a positive attitude and displays great flexibility with the many hats she wears at our school.” It’s true that on any given day you can find Ms.B doing attendance, making orders, helping out with [...]

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