Norris has worked hard to reach his goal of graduation this semester by making great choices in the classroom. His teacher Ms.Gray says, “He’s grown in understanding how to use his coping skills and has also become more social.” Norris has been an example to the rest of our elementary students through his enthusiastic commitment to graduating from Sierra School at Barrett.

Norris has made an impression on our Sierra School at Barrett team. Ms.Gray says, “Norris is very independent. He’s a talented artist. And he has a huge imagination.” Our principal Ms.Harris says, “Norris is very intelligent and has a unique sense of humor. I’m excited for him to graduate and make friends in his new school that will appreciate his uniqueness.”

Norris graduated from our program last week! After witnessing his self confidence and intentional efforts all year long, all of us at Sierra School at Barrett are incredibly proud of Norris. He will be missed, but as his teacher Ms.Gray says, “We’re hopeful he’ll become the biggest Youtuber ever! I hope he adapts to the new school and lets people in.” Congratulations, Norris!

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