Sierra School at Barrett teachers and staff are excited to name Flavina as November Student of the Month. Teachers Ms.Tegel and Ms. D are incredibly proud of the academic effort and social growth Flavina has shown in a few short months. Flavina has demonstrated a deep commitment to her personal success since August by attaining Blue Level! “She has consistently improved. We’ve seen her grow into a leader in our classroom,” says lead teacher Ms.Tegel.

“Flavina has grown so much academically and socially. I would say I’m most proud of the self-respect Flavina has developed, she really believes in herself, ” says Ms.Tegel.  According to Ms. D, “Flavina has become invested in her own progress and she’s become skilled at communicating her needs to us. Flavina has proven she understands what kind of environmental factors contribute to her success and Flavina herself contributes so much to our classroom. She has a great sense of humor that we all enjoy.”

When asked about whether she feels different from who she was at the beginning of the school year, Flavina admits, “I’ve changed.” She says, “I’m proud of my work. I’m proud of my grades in all of my classes.” Her classroom teachers are hopeful for Flavina’s future saying, “We hope she continues to believe in herself and that she sees she has the skills to achieve anything she wants to.”

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