Misael, a sixth-grader at Sierra School at Barrett, is very close to reaching his goal of going on a school field trip to indoor skydive. Misael is adept at understanding the nature of our program and the expectations asked of him, and he’s committed himself to success. According to all three of his teachers, he’s transformed since the first day they met him.

Throughout this year, Mr.R says, “He’s earned himself up to level blue from level red.” Mr.G says, “Misael knows exactly how many behavior points and work points he needs to earn. He’ll say, okay I’m on green I’m going to minus out these two stations and still keep my level.” Misael’s self-discipline is an important factor in his success so far. Mr.R explains that “Misael comes in now and gives attention to the work he needs to do.” While Mr.G relates saying, “He has gone from being a kid who didn’t show self-control in terms of horseplay. Now he tells us when things are happening and has self-control.” One of the ways he’s grown the most, according to Mr.El, is Misael choosing to be present in the classroom saying, “He’s stopped eloping like he used to.”

When I spoke with Misael himself, I admired his straightforward responses and his clear determination. I asked him what he’s most proud of. “My work. Work points. I didn’t use to get them that much.” When I asked him if something changed in him he says, “The field trip. I want to go indoor skydiving.” He told me exactly what he enjoys about blue privileges and the school itself explaining, “My favorite blue privilege is pizza…and my favorite parts of the school are recess and computer.” Misael also credits all of his teachers for helping him improve, and after spending time learning about him, I can see that their consistency and efforts to build meaningful relationships with him have helped. When I asked Mr.R what his goals are for Misael he says they’re the same for each of his students, “I want them to graduate from our program.” All of us at Sierra School at Barrett are happy to see how Misael has established himself as a hard-working student and an independent thinker. We hope he continues to move with confidence towards the things that excite him.

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