Winter can be a dreary time, and time off of school can be a difficult transition. As we all know, being in a pandemic and continuously handling the stressors from the pandemic only adds to our usual winter blues. Right now, more than ever, our mental health is extremely important! Below are some ways to keep your mental space happy and healthy during winter break, and the winter months!

1) Go for a walk or spend sometime outside.
2) Engage in a mindfulness or meditation exercise.
3) Allow yourself to do things you enjoy.
4) Try to follow a routine, and make it fun for yourself.
5) Practice gratitude. How can you show what you are thankful for?
6) Stay in touch with friends, at a distance of course!
7) Feel whatever you are feeling. Whether that is joy, sadness, both, or neither, your feelings are valid.
8) Embrace your sense of humor! Activate and relieve your stress response by hearing yourself laugh out loud.
9) Be kind or generous to somebody else.
10) Utilize the sunshine, or light therapy, to boost your mood.

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