Life skills olympics help teach real world, practical crafts

Feeding off the positive energy, flashing of cameras and fast-paced competition, Mia Rooks helped her team bring home a trophy in the third annual life skills olympics. At the same time, the competition will help the 17-years-old with her transition plan of attending a four-year university to pursue a degree in social work. “It was an exciting energy, this is my second year going but my first year participating in it last year, I went and I cheered the team on,” Rooks said, “and this year, it was exciting. It’s very loud, but it’s a great energy and it’s nice [...]

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Myles’ Mission…Accomplished

Myles’ story is one to which many parents of children with behavioral challenges can relate. Frequent suspensions from school. Weekly incidents that require early school pickups. Rearranged work schedules to accommodate these disruptions. Missed events or appointments to stay home with the child. This is simply reality, a way of life, for these parents. But it doesn’t have to be. Schools like the High Road School of Harford County can change everything. Myles Heads to High Road School of Harford County  The timing wasn’t ideal. Myles began attending the High Road School of Harford County shortly before COVID-19 shut the [...]

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High Road Students of Harford County Return to North Bay

High Road School of Harford County students recently had the opportunity to attend NorthBay Adventure Camp near Elk Neck State Park. While attending the overnight camp, students were able to experience transformative and unforgettable activities such as zip-lining, team-building activities, a high ropes course, and much more. In addition to NorthBay motivating the students to give their best effort while facing physical challenges, High Road educators also supported students as they learned social emotional skills such as connecting with new friends made while at camp, understanding the importance of nature through environmental studies, and improving self-confidence through [...]

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International Day

In March, High Road School of Harford County invited families of students to our Annual International Day. Each classroom within the school adopted a different country, and throughout the month of March students became familiarized and educated themselves on their chosen country. The students engrossed themselves with the language, culture, geography, customs, and history of their chosen countries. When parents arrived, they went from classroom to classroom so they could experience how the students and staff used the information gathered to decorate their classrooms, cook must-try recipes from their chosen country, and watch presentations made by students about each country. [...]

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Read and Tell with Mrs. Mel

"Re ad and Tell with Mrs. Mel" is a unique book club program that was started by Mrs. Mel and Mrs. Ashley in the hopes that students would find a love for reading while attending High Road School of Harford County. The book club encourages all students to become immersed in the magical world of reading as staff read aloud book series' and students follow along. At the end of each book, the Book Club has a "viewing party" with snacks and drinks while they watch the movie associated with the book. This year, the Book [...]

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Boys Leadership Group

The High Road School of Harford County Boys to M.E.N.D. (motivate, explore, navigate and discipline)Program is a youth leadership initiative started by Mr. Nacier. The group teaches male students how to achieve personal growth through interactive meetings. Boys to M.E.N.D. creates a safe place for the students to share personal experiences, focuses on what turns a boy into a man, and develops their communication skills so they can thrive in the world. Learn more about our school today.

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Adrian Continues to Succeed

Adrian graduated from High Road School of Harford County last year and went on to attend Towson University School of Music on a Provost Scholarship. We are happy to report that Adrian is thriving at Towson U! He is majoring in music with a minor in Japanese and is enjoying his classes as well as the college experience. He recently stopped by the High Road School table that was set up in the student Union Center on campus, to say hi to Mr. Ben and Mr. Josh. Keep up the great work Adrian! For more information about Adrian's journey, [...]

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High Road School Football is back!

The 2022 High Road School of Harford County Football Program was started by Mr. Jeremy, Mr., Jordan, Mr. Exavier, and Mr. Cleon. This program gives students who may be struggling to reach a goal by helping them to focus on what is attainable.  Students who were once unfocused have now become accountable for themselves so they can earn a spot on the football team.  The team atmosphere of the football program has flooded into the hallways of our school, and it has created a community feeling between all staff and students. Students on the football team continue to apply themselves [...]

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Unlocking Potential: Adrian’s Story

Adrian’s mother, Tikeya, recounts the struggle prior to his enrollment at High Road Schools – being called at work to pick up her son, navigating medications, and experiencing challenging behaviors. After witnessing the dedication of High Road staff – and their ability to unlock her son’s potential – she says, “I can’t say enough good things about High Road!” “I can’t say enough good things about High Road!” – Tikeya Wheeler, Adrian’s mother The staff at all High Road Schools are genuinely interested in helping students achieve success and enjoy rewarding futures. “Just getting to know the student is [...]

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Book Club Is Back!

Students in the school building will have an opportunity to join Miss Mel in the return of the book club. The book club will be starting the Harry Potter series on Tuesday April 13. Learn more about our school today.

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