In Their Own Words

High Road School of Harford County staff member Coleen Peals had a vision for a regional Black History Month event for staff and students. Collaborating with Mr. Andrew from High Road School of Anne Arundel County and Mr. Uka from the High Road Schools in Delaware, Ms. Coleen presented "In Their Own Words", an event highlighting the background and success of these two High Road School staff members and their presence as role models in our schools' communities. The event was attended by several schools in the Mid-Atlantic region and was a huge hit with staff and students! [...]

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Community Outreach

Our students are hard at work making greeting cards for residents of an assisted living facility. As a result of COVID cases rising again, the residents are back on lockdown; unable to leave their rooms or see family. The students at High Road School made and sent them beautiful, thoughtful cards to cheer them up! Learn more about our school today.

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Shout out to Our Entire Staff!

As we moved our focus to distance learning, certain staff really stood out this month. Slowly but surely, other staff started to standout too. By the end of the month, it was clear that ALL staff were standing out and providing an extremely high quality service to all of our students and their families. Therefore, the entire staff at High Road School of Harford County is being recognized as The Staff of the Month for April! We have been so impressed with everyone's efforts during these difficult times, especially the attitude of doing what's right for the students day [...]

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Student Efforts are Admirable

The student efforts have been admirable to say the least. Several students are deserving of the title of student of the month, so we chose one from each class in April 2021. Ms. Brooke's Class: Myles Bycoffe had perfect virtual attendance all month and was a pleasure in classes. He shared his thoughts and feelings in class and group discussion and even showed us his hidden talent as a puppeteer and story writer in the recent school wide talent show. Myles's smile lights up the Zoom room every day! Ms. Tori's Class: Kazia Evans [...]

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Annual Youth Art Display Artists

We are so proud of our students Micah, CJ and Christian who submitted artwork for the 2020 Celebrating Through Art: The First Lady’s Mental Health Awareness Youth Art Display. See link below for their wonderful art, great work! Learn more about our school today.

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Mr. Exzavier Lends A Hand

Mr. Exzavier is consistent with his support of new staff, students, and the program as a whole. He is always willing to lend a hand and all the staff knows that they can go to him for help and ideas. As a coworker, Mr. Exzavier is always open to feedback, takes the time to listen to other suggestions, and opinions. He brings positive energy to the building on a daily basis which has a trickle-down effect on all staff and students. Mr. Exzavier’s commitment to the High Road Program, the staff, and the students shines through his actions every day. [...]

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