In March, High Road School of Harford County invited families of students to our Annual International Day. Each classroom within the school adopted a different country, and throughout the month of March students became familiarized and educated themselves on their chosen country. The students engrossed themselves with the language, culture, geography, customs, and history of their chosen countries. When parents arrived, they went from classroom to classroom so they could experience how the students and staff used the information gathered to decorate their classrooms, cook must-try recipes from their chosen country, and watch presentations made by students about each country. Then parents were then invited to vote on the best classroom performance based on the presentations, food, and decoration done by the students. Mrs. Ashley and Mr. Exzavier’s 9th grade classroom won the competition with the country of Sierra Leone. The idea to choose Sierra Leone as a country was inspired by a student in the 9th grade class who was crowned Mrs. International.

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