September Student of the Month

All around student of the month Serenity is a second-grade student at High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle. She is nicknamed Belle, after the Disney princess in school because she loves to read. She read over 200 books last school year including chapter books. She loves to play with dinosaurs when she is not reading. Serenity was nominated as the student of the month for her huge successes. She has made strides in her behavior intervention plan, increased her time in class safely and has near perfect attendance. A staff in her classroom said, “Serenity has not only been [...]

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Engaging Social Skills

Wow, what a month! Mrs. Akeley our school social worker has been learning and using two new curriculums for this school year! The first curriculum is Zones of Regulation and the second curriculum is WhyTry. Zones of Regulation, see attached picture for her new bulletin board, is a great way for our students to understand how they are feeling physically and to be able to identify the emotion that correlates. Mrs. Akeley is using the Zones of Regulation program for the middle school students. “Zones of Regulations give students the tools to understand how their emotions impact their behavior [...]

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I Have A Dream…

Winter is a time to celebrate a lot of different and exciting holidays! We celebrate holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January and Presidents' day in February, where we celebrate our founding leaders and how far we have come with our country's presidency! Here at High Roads School of Wallingford, we are celebrating diversity and teaching our students about the great Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and Jackie Robinson just to name a few. These influential people have made such a difference in our lives and in our country. The students and staff alike [...]

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SentiMINTal Sweets

What a great year to show our appreciation for our district stakeholders! Many of our students were eager to help create the district boxes filled with candy, hot chocolate, tea, a handmade coaster, and a thank you letter. Students were even able to decorate the boxes with holiday fun designs such as a Christmas tree, Santa’s sleigh or a smiley face. The gift boxes were filled with mint flavored treats as a thank you to their encourageMINT and commitMINT to our students. It was a lot of work, but all involved [...]

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Our December Stars!

Student of the Month: Felix Felix is our December student of the month! Felix is one of our sixth grade all stars. Staff voted for Felix as he has shown much improvement since the beginning of the year and is consistently participating during all rotations! Mrs. Akeley stated, “Felix has worked so hard this year to learn and implement social skills. He is a kind and thoughtful community member.” We are so proud of you! Congratulations Felix and keep up the great work! Staff of the Month: Mr. Young Mr. Young is voted our December staff of the month. Mr. [...]

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Congratulations Sean!

Sean is new to our school this year. He has been doing a great job transitioning to the school and classroom. He is on one of our highest level colors, Blue! The staff in the school voted on Sean because he is kind and friendly and is a hard worker. Congratulations Sean! Learn more about our school today.

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A Blank Canvas

The students' favorite end of the day fun activity was decorating T-SHIRTS (or earning ice cream and popsicles for a fun extra treat). Student were given a t-shirt and markers to decorate. Some students drew elaborate pictures using the whole area, and some students needed to finish for a second day as they were having too much fun! Here are some fun samples from one of Mrs. Rey’s class. From Los Angeles to a dedication of love to their mom, these t-shirts were a great way to express their creativity! [...]

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It Takes a Village

Special thanks to Mr. Cox and Mr. Thorpe who spent an afternoon tie-dying specially-made High Road masks for our district partners. Our thank you gifts for the beginning of this year included a mask, mints, hand sanitizer and a thank you note. Thank you to all of our school stakeholders. You are important to us. Please stay healthy and happy. Learn more about our school today.

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Picture Day Preview

In preparation for the end of the school year, we are already beginning to think about our yearbook. This October 22nd was High Road School of Wallingford Primary’s Picture Day! Students took photos for our annual yearbook. Students expressed themselves with matching tops and special hats, special necklaces and fancy dresses! Students are already excited to know when they will receive the yearbook. Here is a sneak preview with some fun practice outtakes. Learn more about our school today.

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Staff of the Month: Mrs. Rey

High Road School’s staff of the month is Mrs. Rey! Mrs. Rey is one of the more veteran staff members we have. Staff voted for Mrs. Rey because of her amazing ability to engage her students. Staff appreciate her consistency to our school model too! “Mrs. Rey’s lessons are creative, fun and she always goes above and beyond especially with our remote learning. Staff respect her and I am honored to be working alongside her” Ms. Hartwich, Education Director. Learn more about our school today.

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