Annalise Is A Superstar!

Annalise is our second student of the month for the 2020-2021 school year! She is one of our second-grade superstars. Staff who voted for Annalise say she is kind and demonstrates positive behaviors. She is on one of the highest-level colors, Blue. Annalise has done a wonderful job adjusting back to school in our unique school year. “Annalise works hard, and her personality brightens up the room.” - Ms. Hartwich, Education Director. Learn more about our school today.

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One Creative Week in Fall…

Mrs. Rey, our staff member of the month, used her creative skills by coordinating a week of Halloween and fall activities - complete with fun music and glow sticks. The students participated in a pumpkin scavenger hunt and staff could not wait to play, too! Students played carnival games such as throw the ring on the octopus and knock down cans, dressed as characters such a black cat and zombie. Our middle school class listened to scary stories and students were able to have a Fall-themed weekly BINGO game. To end the week, we had [...]

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Author and Adversity Speaker Michael Panus Zooms With Students

On Wednesday, June 3 professional adversity speaker and published author of Live with Honor, Turning Tragedy into Triumph, Michael Panus joined students from High Road Schools of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island via Zoom. The retired marine inspired High Road students by speaking about the tragedies in his life most notably, spending nearly four years in jail for causing the death of a good friend while drinking and driving as senior at Eastern Connecticut State University, and the power of positive thinking. Offering motivation, he encouraged students to be accountable for their actions, and to do the right thing. Panus [...]

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Mr. Wolf’s Positive Energy

Mr. Wolf has built extremely positive relationships with his students and all staff since onboarding with High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle. He has taken the initiative to run end of the day meetings when the director is unavailable. He always empowers students to make good choices, earn their day, and motivates them academically. Mr. Wolf has a positive energy about him that goes a long way with his students and staff. “Mr. Wolf has made huge strides in his professional growth since he started with High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle. He is always ready for a new challenge, [...]

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Mr. Cox Is a Consistent Presence

Mr. Cox has remained a consistent presence for his 1:1 student even in times of turmoil. He has continued to utilize our schoolwide model consistently and with fidelity. Mr. Cox has shown empathy towards his student, and all students, but continues to hold them accountable for their behaviors. Mr. Cox is always willing to help students and staff within the classroom environment. He is extremely caring and always wants the best for the students within our building. He has done an amazing job with his individual student but continues to build relationships with all students and staff. Learn [...]

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Geography Jeporady

Mr. Wolf’s Class has been learning about Geography and Map Skills for their Social Studies unit. This unit focuses on the map skills associated with United States Geography. Students developed an understanding of the different regions of our country that are composed of our cities and states that make up our nation. The students participated in a friendly game of Geography themed Jeopardy focused on concepts learned over the last few weeks. The competition was fierce and the students were able to show how much they have learned in this unit! Learn more about our school today. [...]

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Marilyn Is A Role Model

Marilyn was selected for student of the month for her role model behavior, efforts towards her academics, and overall growth since beginning at High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle. “Marylin has been a pleasure to work with. She tries extremely hard in everything she does. We are lucky to have her role modeling as a Gold student in the classroom for her fellow students. She utilizes her breaks appropriately, helps with classroom errands when need be, and has made a smooth transition to High Road overall." - Alyssa Kochiss, Operations Manager" Learn more about our school today. [...]

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Culinary Elective

Mrs. Mendoza, our new special education teacher, has taken on our culinary elective and our students are super excited! They are learning how to cook, bake, and make yummy treats in the kitchen. They are even learning new life skills when they are tasked to clean dishes, organize materials needed, and work together as a team. They have also utilized their math skill set to measure different ingredients and plan accordingly. We love culinary! Learn more about our school today.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

In Mrs. Rey’s classroom at Wallingford Primary, students traced memorable hands and painted lasting hearts with an attached poem to give to a loved one for Valentine’s Day. Understanding that our student population have difficulty with emotional regulation, we wanted parents to feel appreciated and supported through a holiday. Students were so proud to bring home their projects to their loved ones! Learn more about our school today.

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