Winter is a time to celebrate a lot of different and exciting holidays! We celebrate holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January and Presidents’ day in February, where we celebrate our founding leaders and how far we have come with our country’s presidency!

Here at High Roads School of Wallingford, we are celebrating diversity and teaching our students about the great Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and Jackie Robinson just to name a few. These influential people have made such a difference in our lives and in our country. The students and staff alike have a fun time doing different projects for Martin Luther King Jr. including creating their own “I have a dream” speech pertaining to what their own personal dreams are for their own family, friends, community, school, and classroom!

In addition to academic projects, we also include arts and crafts projects for the students. They engage in interesting, thoughtful, and intriguing discussions about the diversity and inequality of our country and what we can do as citizens for improvement in our growing future.

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