Wow, what a month! Mrs. Akeley our school social worker has been learning and using two new curriculums for this school year! The first curriculum is Zones of Regulation and the second curriculum is WhyTry.

Zones of Regulation, see attached picture for her new bulletin board, is a great way for our students to understand how they are feeling physically and to be able to identify the emotion that correlates. Mrs. Akeley is using the Zones of Regulation program for the middle school students. “Zones of Regulations give students the tools to understand how their emotions impact their behavior and the ability to understand how other people’s emotions may be impacting their behavior.” (Mrs. Akeley)

Recently, Mrs. Akeley got to participate in hours of training for a WhyTry social skills program. Students in Kindergarten to 8th grade get to take a pre-assessment and, after learning, will be reassessed annually. WhyTry includes real-world activities to connect to topics such as defense mechanisms, jumping your hurdles, or channeling anger to positive motivation.

This is in addition to our Social Skills Improvement System assessment for students in grades 3 or above which compares results annually, too.

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