‘Food on the 15th’ Food Drive

HRA is sponsoring a food drive in partnership with Food on the 15th, a program that collects and delivers non-perishable food to low-income older adults in Howard County. The school will be accepting donations, including plain cereals, canned fruits and vegetables, soups and other healthy items, from Monday, Nov. 28th through Monday, Jan. 9th. Please see the flyer for full details, and feel free to contact the school if you have any questions. Learn more about our school today.

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High Road Academy of PG celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

Every year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15. At High Road Academy of PG they celebrated by learning about different Hispanic countries, culture, and history. Each class was assigned a country and they had to explain those various topics through pictures, writing and graphs. The students even indulged in different Hispanic cuisine. Learn more about our school today.

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Michael Cardin Scholarship Winners and Staff Shoutout

We're so excited that some of our students were re-awarded the Michael Cardin Scholarship! Some of our staff members are also recognized on page 10- we are so proud of them! Check out the bi-annual newsletter from MANSEF,  the Maryland Association for our Non-Public Schools to read more. Learn more about our school today.

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Meeting with PG Police Department

Corporal Alexis Eason from the PG County Police Department, took time from her schedule to come and have a sit down with several students to show that all police aren't "bad cops that don't care", but it also gave our students a "safe space" and the opportunity to ask the questions that they normally wouldn't ask. Students were engaged and asked valid questions about experiences that they have had with police officers, and also asked "what should they do" in certain situations. One student talked about witnessing a relative getting tased for simply raising her voice. While she [...]

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Workforce Development Cohort

The first 2019 Workforce Development Cohort has completed the essentials course at Prince George’s community College. The essentials courses consist of two classes: The Customer Service and Microsoft Word 1. Each class prepares students for entry level jobs that require customer services skills and the ability to create word and power point documents.Students completing the essentials course are now eligible to participate in specific internship opportunities developed for graduates of the program in addition to enrolling in job specific classes related to their areas of interest such as childcare and computer repair.Let’s congratulate the following students as they [...]

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Student Highlight – Makala A

Makala Allen is a 10th grade student at High Road Upper School and is currently enrolled in the Prince George’s Community College’s Workforce Development Program’s 15 hour Childcare Teacher’s Aide certification program. “I want to take childcare class because I like children and I enjoy watching children. I also want to learn to have patience. Children are very hard to deal with but I want to learn to manage with them. Working with children is a privileged. I like watching children grow up and be something in life. I want to be able to work at a good [...]

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Visit to HRA Lanham’s Transition Fair

On November 15, 2019 students from High Road Upper School in Lanham participated in a Transition Services Fair which was hosted by the High Road Academy, also in Lanham. This was the second year that the Academy hosted the fair. The fair had representatives from various Maryland/DC agencies as well as representatives from Prince George's Community College Admissions and Vocational Program. The Representatives from Prince George’s Community College assisted interested students with completing online applications for admissions and even waived the application fee. Also, in attendance was Wells Fargo Bank, Melwood, representatives from DORS and Rehabilitative Services Administration [...]

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Backpack Donations

The Revenue Authority of Prince George’s County donated back packs for students at the Upper and Lower schools this year. The backpacks will help the student get and stay organized and protect their items. We are very thankful for the Revenue Authority for being so gracious to donate supplies to our school! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Student Success – Emanuel C.

Emanuel will be graduating in June 2020 from High Road Upper School. Emmanuel is interested in working with children when he graduates and is well on his way to following his dream after completing the childcare phase of the childcare Teacher’s aide certification program at Prince George’s Community College’s workforce development program. Next up for Emmanuel? The communication phase of the course and then an internship opportunity at a local center. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Going Above and Beyond with Jeremy

Jeremy Franklin is joining us for his second year here at High Road Lower School as our Transition Coordinator. During the month of October, Jeremy went above and beyond working to help our students and staff. Jeremy dropped everything to step in at the last minute and lead our Fall Flag Football game for students. He also works hard every day to support each and every classroom by pulling students for breaks, coordinating student jobs around the school and even filling in to teach a lesson when needed. The entire staff knows they can count on Jeremy to [...]

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