Jeremy Franklin is joining us for his second year here at High Road Lower School as our Transition Coordinator. During the month of October, Jeremy went above and beyond working to help our students and staff. Jeremy dropped everything to step in at the last minute and lead our Fall Flag Football game for students. He also works hard every day to support each and every classroom by pulling students for breaks, coordinating student jobs around the school and even filling in to teach a lesson when needed.

The entire staff knows they can count on Jeremy to report whenever necessary, and the students have developed a strong rapport that makes a positive impact on our school’s culture.

Jeremy’s dedication to our school is evident, and he works hard to grow in his position daily. Our Associate Director Vincent Blount had nothing but positive things to say about him, “Jeremy continues to set the standard as a consummate professional and team player. He provides an enhancing and engaging student educational experience through the lens of transition.” It’s not difficult to understand why he was chosen as the October Staff of the Month

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