Alex Is A Role Model

The staff was delighted to name Alexander “Alex” as Student of the month. Alex spent the beginning of this year just skating by. At one point, just before Christmas, a light turned on in his mind and he started trying his best to have self-control and focused on himself and what concerns him. Alex has changed his attitude and has become more engaged in his class/rotations and is on color! He displays role model behavior at job sites and is a pleasure to have out in the community because he is always very respectful and full of positive energy. Alex [...]

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Ms. Brown Is A Team Player

Ms. Brown has been an effective paraprofessional in the Fifth Year Transition Classroom for two years. Ms. Brown has worked successfully with two delightful non-verbal students. She is always looking for inventive ways to make her students lives better. Ms. Brown has shown flexibility since the moment she became employed by SESI. She is willing to step outside her classroom to support other staff and students. Miss Brown very lovingly works as one of the qualified personnel in our building, working hand in hand with our school nurse to give our students outstanding care. “You did a wonderful job [...]

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Destiny’s Motivation

Destiny joined us this year after graduation from Hartford Primary School. Destiny continues to work hard at focusing on getting her work done and avoiding conflicts in the classroom. Her winning smile greets us every morning and continues through the day. One of the many reasons that Destiny was chosen as our Student of the Month is because she relentlessly works on avoiding peer conflicts and does not allow setbacks to interrupt her motivation to move up the level system. “Destiny has made a complete turn-around in the month of November. She went from sleeping and being [...]

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Mr. Ortiz Is a Natural

Mr. Ortiz has been an asset to the Transition Classroom with his many talents. He helps our Spanish speaking students navigate community outings as well their academics. His common sense approach to problem-solving and calm demeanor puts our students at ease. The staff chose new team member Mr. Ortiz because from his first day on campus he was part of the Hartford Team. Mr. Ortiz handles difficult situations with the same ease that he does the day to day. His calm demeanor makes him ready for any situation. “Mr. Ortiz has built a great rapport with our students [...]

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Kedrick’s Determination

The staff voted overwhelmingly for Kedrick as student of the month. We as staff have seen a maturity start to evolve. Kedrick has been determined recently to move up his color level and has been more attentive to his rotations. “Kedrick is always willing to help staff with extra projects around the building. His winning smile makes the work look effortless and it is enjoyable to do tasks with him.” — Ms. Vose-Watson, Transition Classroom Teaching Assistant “Nice job getting on level and trying your best to remain focused and ignoring distractions. I know it’s hard but you’re trying! [...]

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Staff of the Month: Mr. Almedina

What impact has Mr. Edwin had on colleagues and students over the past month? Mr. Edwin Almedina was nominated for our October staff of the Month! Mr. Almedina acts as a one to one paraprofessional in our Transition Classroom where he works with students on activities of daily living, job site skills, and helping to translate for some of our English Language Learners. His colleagues nominated him because he is, “always willing to help out anywhere”, is “reliable”, “answers calls on the radio quickly” and “remains calm in all situations”. Mr. Almedina has been with the High [...]

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Student of the Month: Mariana

What has Mariana accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? The student of the month for October was none other than Mariana! Mariana recently achieved Gold level status and was our Spotlight Student last month. Staff boast that Mariana, “has been outstanding on Gold”, is “always respectful”, is a “hard worker”. In addition, Mariana has been doing a “great job helping other students and staff”. What is something Mariana has accomplished so far this school year that they are proud of? She recently used her organizational skills to assist Mrs. Carrillo in restocking [...]

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Student of the Month: Michael

What has Michael accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Michael moved into the Transition Classroom at the High Road School of Hartford High School this fall to add a life skills component to his education. Michael has proven to be a leader both in the classroom and at job sites. Michael always has a kind word and offers encouragement to his classmates. The staff at Active Day Senior Daycare have praised Michael for his work ethic. He has the ability to see a task that needs to be done and does it [...]

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Staff of the Month: Ms. Hall

What impact has Ms. Hall had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Hall has worn many hats for High Roads High of Hartford High. She usually acts as a seasoned Teachers Assistant but has stepped into this position in the temporary absence of our regular administrative assistant, Mrs. Carrillo. In her time at High Road Ms. Hall has acted as a Transition Assistant, Substitute Teacher, Handle With Care Trainer, Floater and too many other duties to name. The team voted Ms. Hall as Staff of the Month due to her flexibility in the role [...]

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Staff of the Month: Ms. Hartwich

What impact has Christine had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Hartwich is new to the High Road School of Hartford High team although she began her High Road career at our Primary School in 2014. When the opportunity to teach in our Transition Classroom at the High School became available, she jumped at the offer! Why did other staff members select Christine as Staff of the Month? Ms. Hartwich is excelling in a variety of ways in her new setting! She is the most seasoned of our teachers which allows her to be [...]

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