Ms. Brown has been an effective paraprofessional in the Fifth Year Transition Classroom for two years. Ms. Brown has worked successfully with two delightful non-verbal students. She is always looking for inventive ways to make her students lives better.

Ms. Brown has shown flexibility since the moment she became employed by SESI. She is willing to step outside her classroom to support other staff and students. Miss Brown very lovingly works as one of the qualified personnel in our building, working hand in hand with our school nurse to give our students outstanding care.

“You did a wonderful job holding students in all classes accountable. She is also flexible with her role. Thanks for all of your hard work around the building.” — Ms. Hall, Transition Coordinator”

Ms. Brown is a team player. She provides support in all areas of the building. She is able to hold students accountable while still maintaining a positive rapport with them!

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