Mr. Ortiz has been an asset to the Transition Classroom with his many talents. He helps our Spanish speaking students navigate community outings as well their academics. His common sense approach to problem-solving and calm demeanor puts our students at ease. The staff chose new team member Mr. Ortiz because from his first day on campus he was part of the Hartford Team. Mr. Ortiz handles difficult situations with the same ease that he does the day to day. His calm demeanor makes him ready for any situation.

“Mr. Ortiz has built a great rapport with our students during his short time at High Road.” Katelyn McDonald, Education Director.

“Mr. Ortiz is a natural for our Hartford campus. His natural calming nature puts both staff and students at ease as he works through his day. He has a strong sense of humor which helps us keep balance during our school days. He has been an asset since he joined us in late September of this year. He is truly a pleasure to have in our classroom.” – Mrs. Vose-Watson, Teaching Assistant, Transition Classroom “

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