Destiny joined us this year after graduation from Hartford Primary School. Destiny continues to work hard at focusing on getting her work done and avoiding conflicts in the classroom. Her winning smile greets us every morning and continues through the day. One of the many reasons that Destiny was chosen as our Student of the Month is because she relentlessly works on avoiding peer conflicts and does not allow setbacks to interrupt her motivation to move up the level system.

“Destiny has made a complete turn-around in the month of November. She went from sleeping and being on red, to getting on blue level and working hard. She’s been focused and working though her frustrations.” — Mr. A. DeJesus, Teaching Assistant

“I’m so very proud of the progress Destiny has made so far this year. She is doing a great job! I know she will keep up the great work staying motivated and working hard.” — Ms. Hall, Transition Coordinator

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