Arien’s High Road Journey

Table of Contents Academic gains Ready for success beyond the High Road School Finding the right educational setting for a child with special needs can be an exhaustive search. Ashley Negron, the mother of Arien, knows this all too well. From the time Arien was just 3 years old, Ashley found herself struggling to get him the support he needed at school. Frustrated and wanting only the best for her son, Ashley decided to enroll him in the High Road School of Hartford, a decision that came with mixed emotions. "I didn’t [...]

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Comfy for a Cause

Between our 90 standalone day schools and 90-plus In-District Classroom partnerships across 17 states, SESI serves nearly 8,000 special education students every year—many of whom have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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‘An Incredible Honor’: Hartford Teacher Wins National Award

A Connecticut high school teacher is being recognized for her “outstanding and innovative” work in the classroom. High Road School of Hartford teacher Rachael Chatel was named as the first Teacher of the Year by Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI). The private school works with special education students ages 15 to 21 facing social, emotional, and behavioral challenges that can impede success in a traditional classroom setting. Nationwide, SESI works with more than 7,000 students in over 600 school districts. Chatel won the top honor for going “above and beyond for her students and working to engage families in meaningful [...]

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Christian’s Impressive Engagement

The staff at High Road have been impressed with Christian’s engagement while participating in distance learning. He holds himself accountable for logging-in for his scheduled Zoom and Google classroom sessions with the teacher and teacher's assistant. He is patient when technology isn’t cooperating, and he has done an excellent job expressing his frustrations appropriately! Christian, keep up the amazing work! Learn more about our school today.

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Ms. Lewis Goes “Above and Beyond”

According to her peers, Ms. Lewis always goes above and beyond. She always supports staff and students when needed. She makes great connections with the students and utilizes the CASE language like a rock star! She makes balancing many roles look easy and she is always positive in the classroom! Learn more about our school today.

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Staff of the Month – April

Mr. Kim began as a teaching assistant in the Warriors classroom this year. His mild, yet confident manner immediately earned the students’ trust and admiration. He quickly became instrumental in using the SESI language and level system to provide our students consistency during the day. One of his teaching strengths is in science and more specifically his STEM lessons. His students love and thrive with the hands-on experience and Mr. Kim challenges them with new projects all the time. Mr. Kim was able to quickly switch directions to distance learning when it became necessary. For those of us who run [...]

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Mrs. Carrillo Rocks!

Mrs. Carrillo always helps out wherever she is needed. She helps to make sure that the school has an inventory of necessary items that allow our school to run smoothly. The staff chose Ms. Carrillo as staff of the month for February because she is never afraid to step away from her duties at the front desk to support staff and students alike. She wears many hats at the high school. She is our administrative assistant, assists as qualified personnel to assist when the nurse is not in the building, and she is a CT DMV endorsed driver and [...]

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Thank You Ms. Miranda

Ms. Miranda has a great attitude and is very polite and always willing to help out. She has quickly built a rapport with students and consistently holds them accountable. She always supports staff and can be flexible when needed. Ms. Hartwich, the classroom teacher that works with Ms. Miranda boasts, “She has been an asset to our school. She has been very flexible in doing what is asked or needed. She has a calm demeanor and communicates openly when she has a concern or idea. Ms. Miranda has done a wonderful job integrating into our program. She supports the students, [...]

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Kiara Is A Pleasure To Have At School

Kiara joined us here at the High School a year and a half ago. Kiara is a hard-working student that has been able to strengthen her language skills and level of independence while in the Fifth Year Transition Program. Kiara is a pleasure to have in the program! “At job sites, Kiara works hard and always does her best to stay on task. She accepts redirections well and is always willing to help out. Kiara, you are doing fantastic in the classroom and making great progress, keep up the great work!” – Ms. Brown, paraeducator. Learn more about our [...]

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