High Road Mid-Atlantic Schools Give Back

Staff and students from High Road Schools in the Mid-Atlantic region recently came together to participate in a community winter clothing and food drive event, hosted by the “Responsive Schools Initiative.” The Initiative focuses on social justice, responding to community concerns, and the promise to always address the needs of both students and staff. In collaboration with The Heartlight Foundation, which aims to make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged, underserved, and disregarded, students from each participating school teamed up to stuff 30 bookbags with winter apparel and non-perishable snacks to benefit those experiencing homelessness and families in [...]

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SESI’s Behavior Tip of the Month: Maximizing Structure

Maximizing structure helps make the most of each school day and proactively sets the stage for student success. The ideal environment is one in which students and staff can efficiently and effectively meet their expectations for the day. We’ll take a look at the five components of how to best maximize structure to create an environment conducive to positive classroom outcomes.  Structure in the Classroom  There are three types of structure to maximize in the classroom and in the school:  Physical Structure: Classroom furniture and intentional seating, materials, layout of the building, optimal staff location  Décor: Should reflect academic and [...]

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Sierra School of Sacramento Students Enjoy Global School Day of Play

Students at the Sierra School of Sacramento spent a day outside of the classroom on Global School Play Day, an initiative to encourage more unstructured play during the school day. Sierra hosts a special event annually on February 1 to mark the occasion. The children and teens had fun playing with large board games, art stations and enjoying their brand-new playground that includes slides, swings, climbers, activity panels - and brought in specially for this day - a bounce house. Outdoor play is essential to children’s development and can provide a much-needed reprieve for students during the school day. After [...]

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Students at High Road School Baltimore County Showcase Talent

More than a dozen students at High Road School of Baltimore County entertained their classmates, staff and family members with song and dance at the school's recent talent show.    The event encouraged students to showcase something they were passionate about. Several students created dance routines, while others showed off moves from TikTok. Other performances included students singing pop, R&B, rap and country music songs. Additionally, one student shared their artwork.   “The talent show served as an opportunity to reinforce important life skills like teamwork, communication and decision-making” said Anthony Aiello, program director. “Seeing staff members and students sing along, clap [...]

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Excel Academy of Roseland Alumna Delivers Meals and Inspiration to Students

If you ask Jakayla Kitt about the Excel Academy of Roseland, part of the Chicago Public Schools’ Options Network, she’ll tell you it was the best high school she ever attended. Kitt, who graduated in 2015, said she lacked the motivation to go to school when she was younger, which lead to her dropping out multiple times. However, that changed once she enrolled at the Excel Academy.  “I had an apartment and a job,” she said. “I thought I didn’t need a diploma. But at Excel, I felt like someone cared. That made me want to come to school. I felt [...]

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Global Day of Play

Global Day of Play Wednesday Feb 1st, 2023 – Each classroom had a different fun activity for all the other classrooms to enjoy. We had everything from board games, crafts, and even outside group games.

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Sierra School 2022 Thanksgiving Feast

Sierra School of San Diego’s ACT Program hosted the 2022 Thanksgiving Feast. Coming back from COVID restrictions and the school tripling in size, the ACT program created a new and improved Thanksgiving Feast! The ACT students grocery shopped for the food items, prepped all the food, cooked the food the day of and served the food/drinks to our guests. The feast menu included: water, lemonade, rolls, salad, gluten free and regular chicken nuggets, mash potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, vegan friendly stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pies. The ACT Program had fellow classrooms prepare Thanksgiving Feast decorations such as a welcome [...]

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