More than a dozen students at High Road School of Baltimore County entertained their classmates, staff and family members with song and dance at the school’s recent talent show.   

The event encouraged students to showcase something they were passionate about. Several students created dance routines, while others showed off moves from TikTok. Other performances included students singing pop, R&B, rap and country music songs. Additionally, one student shared their artwork.  

“The talent show served as an opportunity to reinforce important life skills like teamwork, communication and decision-making” said Anthony Aiello, program director. “Seeing staff members and students sing along, clap enthusiastically and otherwise show support for the participants also helped build a sense of school community.”

Participating students dedicated a significant amount of time to rehearse, practicing for about five weeks, leading up to the performances. To remain eligible for the talent show, students had to adhere to school-wide academic and behavior expectations. 

“The success of this event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our school staff. The events team came to me with this idea and totally ran with it once given a green light,” said Aiello. “They planned everything and worked really closely with each student during rehearsals, encouraging them every step of the way. They are responsible for making this event a huge success!”