Excel Academies and Safe Achieve Academy of Chicago Commemorate Black History Month with fun challenges

Students and staff at the Excel Academies and Safe Achieve Academy, part of the Chicago Public Schools’ Option Network celebrated Black History Month by taking part in several special activities Leadership at The Excel Academy of Roseland held their first annual Black History Month Trivia Competition and luncheon that highlighted Black culture, history and food. Students and staff also participated in the Urban Trivia challenge, where teams answered questions on Black television, film, music, sports and other topics. For the students, it was an opportunity to showcase their knowledge of Black culture, while building genuine camaraderie among their peers. They [...]

Excel Academies and Safe Achieve Academy of Chicago Commemorate Black History Month with fun challenges2023-04-11T15:57:21-04:00

Sierra Strong – Dynamic Stretching

On Wednesdays, we stretch! Welcome to Sierra strong dynamic stretching and breathing. Slow down your week with balance, flexibility and strength. Dynamic stretching helps our students stay focused and composed. Our midweek Sierra strong is a “breath of fresh air.” Wednesday dynamic stretching teaches our students coping strategies as well as unity and togetherness.

Sierra Strong – Dynamic Stretching2023-02-17T17:31:12-05:00

Sierra Football League 2022/2023

This school year 2022/2023, we started the inaugural "Sierra Football League!" Over 50 students across the campus participated in a Football Skills Assessment and were then broken up into 6 different teams with ages ranging from Elementary all the way up to our ACT program (22yrs). The teams consisted of the Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Cowboys, and Eagles. Each Friday, parents were invited to attend the students' weekly game against one of the other teams. Throughout the season, students learned the rules of the game, worked on drills that focused on gross/fine motor skills, [...]

Sierra Football League 2022/20232023-02-17T17:02:25-05:00

Our Sensory Room

Our sensory room at Sierra features a variety of swings, trampolines, a hammock, 2 large sensory fidget boards, a scooter ramp, and more. Students access the sensory room to engage in regulating activities to get their mind and bodies ready to learn. Many students also utilize this space as their preferred, earned break.

Our Sensory Room2023-02-17T16:56:36-05:00

Zen Den

When feeling overwhelmed, sad, or confused, students come to our Zen Den to access a quiet, calm, and comforting environment. With dimmed lights, soothing sound machines, and an array of comfortable seating in "nature", students take time and space to regulate their emotions in a supportive setting.

Zen Den2023-02-17T16:50:28-05:00

These Philly high school students almost didn’t earn diplomas. Here’s how they made it.

Quisean Suter-Robinson's graduation wasn't the one he initially dreamed of, but that's OK. “It feels better because I didn’t fold under pressure. The things along the way built my character," he said. Graduates including Kaiyon Jaynes (front) listen to instructions from administrators prior to the 2022-2023 mid-year high school commencement ceremony at the School of the Future in Phila., Pa. on Wed., Feb. 08, 2023. For Khalia Smith, graduation didn’t take place on a bright spring day after four years of high school. Instead, she collected her diploma on a cold February night while her family — including [...]

These Philly high school students almost didn’t earn diplomas. Here’s how they made it.2023-02-16T16:03:22-05:00