This school year 2022/2023, we started the inaugural “Sierra Football League!” Over 50 students across the campus participated in a Football Skills Assessment and were then broken up into 6 different teams with ages ranging from Elementary all the way up to our ACT program (22yrs). The teams consisted of the Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Cowboys, and Eagles. Each Friday, parents were invited to attend the students’ weekly game against one of the other teams. Throughout the season, students learned the rules of the game, worked on drills that focused on gross/fine motor skills, and competed in an environment that emphasized positivity and sportsmanship. It brought so much joy to our staff watching the students’ growth over the course of the season… with some students struggling to catch a football in the beginning to scoring touchdowns by the end. We look forward to another great “S.F.L.” next Fall!