Landan’s Remarkable Transition: Returning to Public High School

By the time Landan first walked through the doors at the High Road School of Wright City (Missouri), he had already been through several behavioral programs. Unfortunately, those programs only made minimal progress, as Landan still displayed physical aggression and verbal defiance while falling far behind in his academics.   His family knew a change was necessary. “The challenges of the situation had us concerned for Landan’s future,” said his father, Kevin. “We were truly afraid he wouldn’t have a productive future. Not to mention the daily stress on everyone in our family, including Landan.”  Landan’s fresh start at the High [...]

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In-District Classroom Webinar

Register today for our upcoming webinar to learn all about SESI’s impactful In-District Classroom (IDC) program, our innovative and highly successful approach to behavioral support that allows students with intensive needs to thrive in a highly structured, therapeutic environment within your district walls. Register Now WEBINAR DETAILS: In-District Classroom Webinar Thursday, November 2, 2023 @ 1:00 PM ET Duration: 45 Minutes In this webinar, we’ll discuss our partnerships with districts across the country and how we support their students with behavioral challenges. We’ll also cover how our IDCs are set up as well [...]

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Set Them Up for Success: Strategies for Supporting Students with Challenging Behavior in the Classroom

Join Dr. Diane Myers, SESI’s Senior Vice President of Special Education – Behavior, as she hosts an upcoming webinar, Set Them Up for Success: Strategies for Supporting Students with Challenging Behavior in the Classroom. This informative webinar will focus on reframing how we think about challenging behavior while setting up classrooms to increase the success of students with challenging behaviors. The aim of this webinar is for educators to identify ways classroom teams can set up the environment to maximize student and staff success. Register Today WEBINAR DETAILS: Set Them Up for Success: Strategies for [...]

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Myles’ Mission…Accomplished

Myles’ story is one to which many parents of children with behavioral challenges can relate. Frequent suspensions from school. Weekly incidents that require early school pickups. Rearranged work schedules to accommodate these disruptions. Missed events or appointments to stay home with the child. This is simply reality, a way of life, for these parents. But it doesn’t have to be. Schools like the High Road School of Harford County can change everything. Myles Heads to High Road School of Harford County  The timing wasn’t ideal. Myles began attending the High Road School of Harford County shortly before COVID-19 shut the [...]

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Braeden’s Behavioral Breakthrough

When Braeden arrived at the High Road School of Anne Arundel County as a kindergartener in 2014, the staff knew it had a challenge ahead. Braeden, who is on the autism spectrum, immediately demonstrated self-injurious behaviors, tantrums, aggression toward others, and destruction of property. This behavior obviously had a major impact on Braeden’s family, to the point where it became “hard to eat and hard to socialize,” according to Braeden’s mother, Brittani. His communication skills were extremely limited, and if anything was out of place, he would melt down. Everyone knew something had to change. Trial and Error  The first [...]

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A Life-Changing Transformation: Drew’s Story

The phrase “life-changing” tends to be overused and often becomes a cliché. However, in the case of Drew, a 12th grade student at the High Road School of Cecil County (MD), the transformation he’s gone through in his nine years at the school has truly been life changing.  Communication Breakdown  As a young child, Drew experienced difficulties with communication, which led to several instances of behavioral issues. Because his classroom environment wasn’t equipped to handle students with communication deficiencies, Drew would respond to challenging situations with physical aggression and even, as Drew’s mom Kathy mentioned, destruction of a classroom.  Incidents [...]

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From Aggression to Achievement: Jacob’s Story

When Jacob became a student at High Road School in Danielson, CT, his mother, Tiffany, hoped the school could help with Jacob’s behavior and academics. After witnessing a remarkable turnaround in Jacob, it’s safe to say that this school has exceeded Tiffany’s expectations. Early Struggles After kindergarten, Jacob began to exhibit troubling behaviors. According to Tiffany, Jacob simply wanted no part of schoolwork, and he figured out an effective way to avoid it. Jacob became combative and aggressive – often resulting in him being sent home from school. “Jacob knew the end result [of his behaviors] and wanted that to [...]

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A Bright Future: Patrick’s Story

Insight on How High Road School Helped Give My Son a Bright Future by Katrina, mother of Patrick Years ago, Patrick really struggled with a transition to his elementary school – the self-contained classrooms, the lockers, changing classrooms and teachers, plus increased academic demands. He experienced a particularly difficult time in sixth grade with expressive language. His behavior often escalated, and – unable to express that he was feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated from all angle – he struggled to use coping skills. When the decision was made for him to move to High Road School toward the end [...]

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Gage’s Hard Work

Gage has maintained a level of Blue for this month! This is the first time he has been on our Blue Level. Gage has worked very hard to get to his level. He is now able to let the teacher know when he is feeling dis-regulated and will ask for a break. Before Gage came to Sierra School, his school day was 45 minutes long at most. Today Gage is successful in staying a whole day and has worked his way up to our Blue Level. He is going on a field trip for the first time ever! Learn [...]

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Jacorri’s Leadership

Jacorri recently transitioned from the middle school classroom, into the high school classroom. Staff was a little worried about the transition but he definitely has been successful. Jacorri has been maintaining his level since entering the high school classroom. Jacorri also completes all of his school work which has earned him passing grades for the quarter. Jacorri has become a leader of the classroom and we look forward to him to continue to climb the ladder! Learn more about our school today.

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