A Life-Changing Transformation: Drew’s Story

The phrase “life-changing” tends to be overused and often becomes a cliché. However, in the case of Drew, a 12th grade student at the High Road School of Cecil County (MD), the transformation he’s gone through in his nine years at the school has truly been life changing.  Communication Breakdown  As a young child, Drew experienced difficulties with communication, which led to several instances of behavioral issues. Because his classroom environment wasn’t equipped to handle students with communication deficiencies, Drew would respond to challenging situations with physical aggression and even, as Drew’s mom Kathy mentioned, destruction of a classroom.  Incidents [...]

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Finding the Right Place: Branden’s Story

For a parent, it can feel helpless to see your child try hard to fit in, make friends, and succeed in school – only to struggle in class and be bullied by others. Knowing how fragile a child’s confidence is, Doris knew her son Branden needed a change of scenery. What made a difference was Branden's enrollment in Sierra Academy of Scottsdale. Struggles in a Traditional School School can be a challenge, even if you’re a friendly, funny, and outgoing kid like Branden. As any parent of a child with autism can attest, other kids aren’t always as accepting of [...]

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Temperament Transformation: Darvon’s Story

Darvon’s grandmother, Diane, was concerned. Not just for Darvon’s well-being, but for the safety of those around him. Darvon showed very little motivation to achieve academic success—and his temper caused major problems. His severe lack of self-esteem also had Diane worried. Diane would try to work with Darvon at home, and there were times that it seemed he might be making some progress. But as soon as he would get back to school, the same problems would arise. The hair-trigger temper and the urge to fight others made Diane realize that something had to change. The change happened with Darvon’s [...]

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From Aggression to Achievement: Jacob’s Story

When Jacob became a student at High Road School in Danielson, CT, his mother, Tiffany, hoped the school could help with Jacob’s behavior and academics. After witnessing a remarkable turnaround in Jacob, it’s safe to say that this school has exceeded Tiffany’s expectations. Early Struggles After kindergarten, Jacob began to exhibit troubling behaviors. According to Tiffany, Jacob simply wanted no part of schoolwork, and he figured out an effective way to avoid it. Jacob became combative and aggressive – often resulting in him being sent home from school. “Jacob knew the end result [of his behaviors] and wanted that to [...]

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A Bright Future: Patrick’s Story

Insight on How High Road School Helped Give My Son a Bright Future by Katrina, mother of Patrick Years ago, Patrick really struggled with a transition to his elementary school – the self-contained classrooms, the lockers, changing classrooms and teachers, plus increased academic demands. He experienced a particularly difficult time in sixth grade with expressive language. His behavior often escalated, and – unable to express that he was feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated from all angle – he struggled to use coping skills. When the decision was made for him to move to High Road School toward the end [...]

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A “Perfect Fit” for Christopher

Insight from a Mom on the Impact of Sierra Schools on Her Son and Family by Cynthia, mother of Christopher Sierra School of San Diego became my son Christopher’s home away from home very quickly when he began attending school here in the summer of 2019. Christopher has autism and has trouble regulating his emotions. From 4th through 7th grade, Christopher would have violent outbursts and hurt other students or staff members. He was placed in a very restrictive school that’s focused on managing violent behaviors. During his 8th grade year, he was managing his emotions much better, [...]

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Learn About SESI’s Reopening Safety Plans

SESI’s mission is to provide educational services for K-12 students who require specialized educational and positive behavioral supports to overcome challenges that impede their success in a traditional school setting. We believe that all children deserve an education that goes beyond academics and enables them to grow into responsible, self-sufficient adults. This school year we will serve a record number of students, coast to coast. We are working with our parents and district partners, many of whom will offer both in-person and remote learning for students, and following recommended Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) back-to-school guidelines to ensure [...]

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Find Meals for Kids When Schools are Closed

To slow the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), many schools have closed unexpectedly. To ensure that children who rely on free or reduced-price meals at school are able to get the nutrition they need, USDA is working with states to continue providing meals to students. Also, the USDA National Hunger Hotline remains a helpful resource for people seeking food assistance. The hotline, operated by Hunger Free America, can be reached Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET. at 1-866-3-HUNGRY (1-866-348-6479) or 1-877-8-HAMBRE (1-877-842-6273) (for Spanish). Visit the Find Meals for Kids website here to find access to [...]

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