By the time Landan first walked through the doors at the High Road School of Wright City (Missouri), he had already been through several behavioral programs. Unfortunately, those programs only made minimal progress, as Landan still displayed physical aggression and verbal defiance while falling far behind in his academics.  

His family knew a change was necessary. “The challenges of the situation had us concerned for Landan’s future,” said his father, Kevin. “We were truly afraid he wouldn’t have a productive future. Not to mention the daily stress on everyone in our family, including Landan.” 

Landan’s fresh start at the High Road School of Wright City was bumpy at first but the High Road staff immediately saw Landan’s potential. One staff member commented, “From the moment Landan joined High Road, it was evident that he possessed immense potential and a thirst for knowledge.” 

Landan decided to embrace his challenges and put in the necessary hard work to achieve personal growth. And by all accounts, his hard work has paid off. “Through his determination, dedication, and perseverance, Landan not only excelled academically but also demonstrated remarkable personal growth throughout his journey with us,” a High Road staff member said. “Landan embraced challenges, eagerly participated in class discussions, and actively sought out opportunities beyond the classroom to enrich his educational experience. The progress Landan has made academically, socially, and emotionally is undeniably impressive and a testament to his unwavering commitment to personal growth.” 

Thanks to Landan’s newfound confidence, emotional growth, and the strategies he developed to navigate social interactions, manage stress, and build healthy coping mechanisms, Landan made the successful transition back to his district’s high school, where he will be entering 11th grade! 

Besides the academic success, Landan is winning in other aspects of his life as well. According to Kevin, Landon holds a brown belt in martial arts, is a member of the Air Force Civil Air Patrol, has a part-time job, and competed in track in high school. “Without the school’s help and this program, his transition wouldn’t have been possible,” said Kevin.  

Through three years of effort and determination at the High Road School of Wright City, Landan has turned his life around. And the school’s staff couldn’t be prouder. 


“With the help of the school he has learned to control his actions and emotions and to react to situations appropriately. He was able to progress enough academically to transition to his regular high school.” 

Kevin, Landen’s Father

Without the school’s help and this program, his transition wouldn’t have been possible

— Kevin, Landan’s Dad

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