Counting on AJ

AJ has been the epitome of progress since he has started here at the High Road School of Cecil County. AJ is a very friendly, affectionate young man who is a pleasure to be around. He comes to school each and every day with a positive attitude that is very contagious throughout our school building. AJ is a pleasure to be around. He has made great strides both academically and behaviorally since he came to our program. AJ is counted on to complete many jobs throughout not only his classroom but also the school building. We look forward [...]

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Making Noah Comfortable in a New Setting

Noah came to the High Road program very hesitant of what exactly to expect of us and our expectations for him. Like many students’ it was a rocky start. Noah was quite anxious as well as hesitant due to the circumstances of a new routine. Over the past month Noah has also had quite a few rough days from outside life affecting his everyday focus. With a great appreciation for being on level, Noah has learned to bounce back from his hardships and truly put forth his energy to balancing his emotions. After realizing his new classroom consisted [...]

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Reducing Negative Behavior With Gerald

This October our Elementary student of the month is Gerald Wilson-Branch. Gerald is a very hard-working 4th grade student in Ms. Kavney’s class here at High Road Lower School. This month Gerald has displayed model Blue level behavior. He is always willing to answer questions in class, he finishes his assignments on time and he works diligently to make the best grades possible. Gerald also volunteers to help his peers and his teachers whenever he gets the chance. Gerald continues to impress our staff with his positive attitude and dedication to learning on a daily basis. Our [...]

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Aubrey Finds Her Way

What has Aubrey accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Aubrey enrolled at HRA in September 2017, and she is currently in the 8th grade. Aubrey expressed that she enjoys working with her teachers to get better, and she “wants to do a good job with (her) homework.” Her favorite subjects in school are math, reading and science. Aubrey shared that at her former school, she used to get lost in the hallways. “But now I can find my way,” Aubrey stated. Outside of school, Aubrey likes to play with her toys, read [...]

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Student of the Month: Alan

What has Alan accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Alan has been a great role model to his peers within our classroom. He is very helpful to his peers and to the staff. Alan enjoys interacting/joking with his friends at school. He often talks about and plays sports such as football and basketball. Alan is very creative; he shows his creativity within his artwork. Alan is very kind to his friends and will always help out when asked. What is something Alan has accomplished so far this school year that they are [...]

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Student of the Month: Logan

What has Logan accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Logan has exemplified a Nova Student for his kindness, dedication to academics, and ability to regulate and stay focused in class. October 26th marked one official year on Gold Level for Logan. He is an incredible member of our classroom and a model student for others. Logan always gives his best effort in class. Over the past year and a half he has made incredible academic growth and is never afraid to try something new. We are proud of everything Logan does! [...]

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Student of the Month: Jacob

What has Jacob accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Jacob was selected for student of the month for September. Jacob is currently on Gold Day 92, which was a huge accomplishment for him. He began at High Road School of Wallingford Primary/Middle and did not always feel success. He worked extremely hard, utilizes appropriate supports, and came to school with a positive mindset each day. Jacob is extremely helpful throughout the school day. Being on Gold level provides more opportunities for independence, maturity and skill building. He has surpassed his social, emotional, [...]

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Student of the Month: Wilfredo

What has Wilfredo accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Wilfredo is our student of the month for October! He was selected due to his resilience and eagerness to take responsibility. Wilfredo works in the coffee shop, deli, pet center, and many other jobs around school in addition to attending his academic rotations. Mr. Berardesca, Operations Manager, is proud of his progress saying “Wilfredo has done a great job since the beginning of the year showing accountability for his behavior. He has also shown responsibility in completing jobs around the school with fidelity.” [...]

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Student of the Month: Jeremiah

What has Jeremiah accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Jeremiah has earned and maintained his status in the level system all the way to GOLD. He has been on gold level for a couple of weeks and has been a constant example for his peers. Jeremiah has stayed out of trouble around him and has been a stellar student in the classroom. Here are some words from his teacher Ms. Barnes: “Since he started in my class, Jeremiah has been on a one track mind to do whatever he has to in [...]

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Student of the Month: Mat

What has Mat accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Mat has really come out of his shell this month! He has maintained blue consistently through-out the month. "Mat is always helpful and respectful in class. He has really tried to be courteous, and on task every day this month!" -Mr. KC, Middle School teacher What is something Mat has accomplished so far this school year that they are proud of? Mat has struggled in the past maintaining level and a consistent schedule of work. He has been kind, alert and on task [...]

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