A Life-Changing Transformation: Drew’s Story

The phrase “life-changing” tends to be overused and often becomes a cliché. However, in the case of Drew, a 12th grade student at the High Road School of Cecil County (MD), the transformation he’s gone through in his nine years at the school has truly been life changing.  Communication Breakdown  As a young child, Drew experienced difficulties with communication, which led to several instances of behavioral issues. Because his classroom environment wasn’t equipped to handle students with communication deficiencies, Drew would respond to challenging situations with physical aggression and even, as Drew’s mom Kathy mentioned, destruction of a classroom.  Incidents [...]

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Unlocking Potential: Adrian’s Story

Adrian’s mother, Tikeya, recounts the struggle prior to his enrollment at High Road Schools – being called at work to pick up her son, navigating medications, and experiencing challenging behaviors. After witnessing the dedication of High Road staff – and their ability to unlock her son’s potential – she says, “I can’t say enough good things about High Road!” "“I can't say enough good things about High Road!” – Tikeya Wheeler, Adrian's mother The staff at all High Road Schools are genuinely interested in helping students achieve success and enjoy rewarding futures. “Just getting to know the student is the [...]

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Student of the Month: Jamani

Jamani was nominated for stopping his elopement behavior, making progress building positive peer relationships, and contributing to a positive school climate! Staff noted that Jamani has an engaging sense of humor, is always happy to share a conversation, and has positively adjusted to High Road School of Massachusetts. Jamani never misses a day of school and has made progress building relationships with non-preferred staff. Our school has much more laughter and many smiles with Jamani as part of our student body!

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From Aggression to Achievement: Jacob’s Story

When Jacob became a student at High Road School in Danielson, CT, his mother, Tiffany, hoped the school could help with Jacob’s behavior and academics. After witnessing a remarkable turnaround in Jacob, it’s safe to say that this school has exceeded Tiffany’s expectations. Early Struggles After kindergarten, Jacob began to exhibit troubling behaviors. According to Tiffany, Jacob simply wanted no part of schoolwork, and he figured out an effective way to avoid it. Jacob became combative and aggressive – often resulting in him being sent home from school. “Jacob knew the end result [of his behaviors] and wanted that to [...]

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Successful Transitioning: Derek’s Story

Jon Dohner is proud of how his son, Derek, successfully transitioned to the workforce – thanks to the robust transition skills programming offered by Sierra Schools. “Sierra really helped prepare Derek for his adult life. They helped build his confidence, and his ability to be more comfortable around people,” he says. Derek participated in the transition skills program at a Sierra Schools program in California. The former student shares the skills he learned to prepare him for life after school: “At Sierra, I learned how to use a schedule, and follow through and get stuff done.” His father notes, “The transition [...]

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Helping Brian Be The Best He Can Be

Last year, Brian struggled with following directions and being respectful to staff. He often needed frequent breaks away from class because he failed to participate or stay on task. He instigated arguments with other students and often initiated negative behaviors among peers and staff. It was very hard for him to open up and trust his teachers, but Brian had a goal. Brian wanted to achieve gold level at school and to do so required a complete change to his behaviors and full staff support. From the first day of the 2019-2020 school year, at [...]

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DeAndre, Campus Helper

DeAndre is being recognized as our student of the month for his consistent positive behaviors and ability to redirect over the past few weeks. DeAndre proactively offers to help beautify our campus and classrooms by sweeping, vacuuming, and throwing away garbage when he sees the need. DeAndre has been an emotional support to his peers, offering positive advice when he notices them being triggered by others. DeAndre is a pleasure to have in class, and his Michael Jackson impersonations are a welcomed joy to the entire campus!Maintaining a high behavioral level and being such a good friend. [...]

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Akiva’s Goal of Transitioning Back to School

Akiva has worked very hard in October to achieve all Blue level days! He has been working to transition back to his home school! He is very proud of his level which is now 42 days on blue level. He is also proud that he achieved his goal to transition back to his home school. "Akiva is a hard worker, gives insightful comments in group discussion, and has been working hard on his personal goal each day in class!"- Miss Sarah Visit our website to learn more about High Road School [...]

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Mrs. Amy Puts Students First

Mrs. Amy was nominated by her colleagues because she is always positive. She is great at training new staff and quick to give a helping hand.  She has been doing great at getting the new students acclimated to their new environment. Even on the tough days Mrs. Amy is always greeting with a smile. "You make others happy by rendering everyone's happiness. Thank you for all that you do." Mr. Lou, Program Director Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Jerome’s Success

Jerome was nominated after improving his behavior and earning his way back to blue level. We are all so proud of him for maintaining outstanding behavior. He has turned his behavior around tremendously by being respectful to staff and his classmates. "It feels very great to be on level, and I am doing great. I used to be bad, but now I am doing good. I get to go on field trips and I am going to stay on blue until the end of the year, and get on gold." – Jerome Visit our [...]

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