Azael Gets the Spotlight He Deserves

Azael has been part of the Sierra School of Gilbert family for several years. He has made remarkable and sustained progress in his ability to use augmentative communication effectively, and self-regulate. With the diligence of his teachers, support staff, related service providers and behavior analyst, Azael has worked hard and will be returning to a District-level program next semester. Azael frequently initiates social interactions, independently navigates his classroom and is a bright spot in everyone’s day. We are so proud of him and are thrilled to shine the spotlight on all of his accomplishments. Learn more [...]

Azael Gets the Spotlight He Deserves2021-12-28T13:48:37-05:00

Visit Lauren at the Coffee Cart!

Name: Lauren Grade/Age/Teacher: 12th gr/17 years old Accomplishment: Successfully managing Coffee Cart Lauren has really hit her stride in her final year at Sierra School of Peoria. This is her third consecutive year as the manager of the campus coffee cart, and she has truly made it her own. Lauren has been recruiting, interviewing, and training new hires; but her true passion is creating monthly specialty items for the menu. This past month, she modified store-bought brownies as a fun back-to-school treat and created a new slushy recipe through plenty of trial and error, which she [...]

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Unlocking Potential: Adrian’s Story

Adrian’s mother, Tikeya, recounts the struggle prior to his enrollment at High Road Schools – being called at work to pick up her son, navigating medications, and experiencing challenging behaviors. After witnessing the dedication of High Road staff – and their ability to unlock her son’s potential – she says, “I can’t say enough good things about High Road!” “I can’t say enough good things about High Road!” – Tikeya Wheeler, Adrian’s mother The staff at all High Road Schools are genuinely interested in helping students achieve success and enjoy rewarding futures. “Just getting to know the student is [...]

Unlocking Potential: Adrian’s Story2021-10-05T13:19:10-04:00

Chloe Is Resilient

Chloe has been doing a fantastic job with transitioning back into an in-person learning environment. She has shown great maturity in dealing with staffing changes in her classroom and displays a positive attitude toward her staff and peers. Chloe is a resilient young lady who has been working diligently this school year and has achieved gold level status. We are so proud of Chloe and the growth she has demonstrated this year. Way to go Chloe! Prize/incentive: Chloe requested lunch from one of her favorites, McDonalds! Learn more about our school today.

Chloe Is Resilient2021-07-31T11:57:37-04:00

Raha’s Perseverance and Positivity

Raha has shown tremendous growth and self-management since she started at Sierra Academy of Scottsdale just seven months ago. In the short time she has been at our school, she has learned to utilize coping strategies that enable her to remain in class and learn with her peers, even when she becomes frustrated. Raha is able to focus on more difficult tasks now and she demonstrates the desire to improve in everything she takes on. Her overall engagement in the classroom has drastically improved as we watch her grow into a student leader. Raha is always a happy, considerate, [...]

Raha’s Perseverance and Positivity2021-04-26T15:17:31-04:00

Anthony is Positive and Dedicated

Anthony has been a wonderful addition to our CBI classroom at Sierra School of Gilbert. He is a very kind and dedicated young man who always tries to help the staff and his classmates. Anthony comes to school every day with a positive attitude, and we can always tell when he is smiling, even behind his mask! Learn more about our school today.

Anthony is Positive and Dedicated2021-04-13T17:16:20-04:00

Zach Is Striving!

High Road School of Wright City is excited to recognize BEST’s Zach as our March Student of the Month. Since joining High Road’s family, Zach has made tremendous improvements within the classroom. Zach has shown fluency in his understanding of tasks, completes tasks, and has improved his willingness to transition to different environments while working with different staff. Zach is striving! We are SO PROUD of you Zach! Learn more about our school today.

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Anthony’s Incredible Efforts

Anthony has been selected for our March Student Spotlight for his incredible efforts. He is working on credit recovery with the goal to earn his high school diploma. Since joining Sierra School of Peoria, Anthony has earned credits in Algebra, Digital Arts, Physical Education and English. He has been focused on coming to school every day, having exemplary interactions with staff and his peers, and having fun playing basketball with his peers. He has challenged Mr. Kirk to a game of volleyball - his all-time favorite sport! Anthony has shown the dedication to achieve his goal and every day [...]

Anthony’s Incredible Efforts2021-03-25T13:15:21-04:00

Santiago’s Example

Santiago is a kind, respectful, and hardworking student, who's always positive in every way. He is always eager to learn and has excellent participation in class. He is very responsible and consistently puts forth his best effort to succeed academically. Santiago strives to do the right thing and sets a great example for others to follow. We are so proud of this hardworking young man and he is very deserving of this month's Student Spotlight for our school. Great job Santiago! Learn more about our school today.

Santiago’s Example2021-03-08T15:30:01-05:00

Jeremiah’s Excellent Progress

Jeremiah has made wonderful progress over the past year since starting at Sierra School of Gilbert. His school attendance has dramatically improved along with his overall engagement in classroom lessons and activities. Jeremiah has become a natural ambassador for his classroom in the most positive and appropriate ways. He has become a good problem-solver and is using his learned coping skills to work through social issues with peers effectively and positively. We are very proud of Jeremiah! Learn more about our school today.

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